Do you have it?


Do you know you have it?

Maybe.  Maybe Not.

One of the things that burdens me the most is watching people with tremendous potential squander it or just stay stagnant.  Maybe they don’t realize their potential, maybe they’ve wasted their potential, maybe someone told them they didn’t have any potential…

All of us have potential.  God has given us unique talents, abilities and gifts and placed a passion in your heart that you may have yet to discover.  Potential.

Oftentimes we live at Point A while our Vision (our potential) is at Point B.  We just have no idea how to get there or we’re scared to take a step in that direction because of fear or failure.

I see so much opportunity for you.  I see what God wants to accomplish through you.  I see the uniquenesses that you have and I want to scream “go after it”!

What’s your potential?  Are you living it?  What’s at Point B and what do you need to do to get there?

Go after it!

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  • Christina Schmidt December 11, 2008  

    I feel like I have SO much potential, however, one thing I know that gets in the way is appearances. If I could lose the weight, which I’m working on, I would be able to get where I want and where I feel I should be. I’m incredibly intelligent and was blessed with common sense, so it’s just a matter of me applying myself, and being more of a long term thinker. I really only look at the short term consequences, which hurts me, especially when it comes to goals.

  • Kevin Bradford December 11, 2008  


    What an awesome blog! It is one of my greatest passions to see people reach their potential in Christ Jesus! It is actually part of the vision statement for our church.

    For me, I was at Point A for many years, while my vision (potential) was at Point B.

    The turning point for me, was understanding my Self Value! Understanding that I am an heir with Christ, Royalty in His Kingdom. If I am adopted into the family, an heir with the King, then I must be royalty too!

    After pastoring for 5 years, I took a job for a year working as a finance director at a large company and got to sit in rooms with V.P. and CEO’s and tell them no, I will not buy your product, or that is not good enough for me and my company. God used that year to show me that no matter where I was, no matter what I looked like, no matter how much money I made that I was valuable.

    My potential is fathering a dynamic family, leading a Jesus loving body of belivers, and seeing lives changed daily. How do I get there, an endless and life giving pursuit of Jesus! {sounds easier that it is!}

    In His Favor, Kevin

  • Linnae Hoppe December 11, 2008  

    Jenni, thanks for the encouragement. I feel like God has given me many different gifts and capabilities, just trying to figure out exactly what that means for me right now?! Because I honestly don’t know. Honestly, I think it would be awesome to be in your shoes and do what you do. We will see what the Lord has!

  • Jenni Clayville December 11, 2008  

    preach it, sistah!

  • jdellis December 11, 2008  

    I think you eloquently described one of the few things that keeps the church from simply exploding.

    Great post.

  • Laurie December 11, 2008  

    Wow. I had a conversation with someone today about a job opportunity and all I keep thinking is about the line in our series concerning whether we are living Gods purpose for us. I hope I am but at the same time, am I reaching out or staying safe?

  • Jenni Catron December 11, 2008  

    Thanks for sharing your stories everyone. Keep ’em coming!

  • Rachel Rowell December 12, 2008  

    I’m just beginning to really understand my potential and notice how people want the talen that is in me. So I’ve really begun recently to work on putting it out there. I refuse to squander it and remain stagnant. It just isn’t an option.

    Great post!

  • janowen December 12, 2008  

    I feel like God is calling me to step forward and upward and to walk into more of my potential. I’m struggling with knowing what this looks like and how to do it. Sometimes those around you are not open either so it can take facing resistance.

  • Eve Annunziato December 12, 2008  

    Love these questions! I struggle with this topic often. Nothing frustrates me more than when I feel I’m not living to my greatest potential spiritually, personally and professional.

    And, while I strive to always hit point “B”, I find myself asking God, “Am I using ALL of my gifts to the best of my ability, in all of my areas, in the way You want me to?” It’s hard work, yet, when I feel I’m failing at this, I re-evaluate and try to change course!

    Great post!!!

  • Heidi December 12, 2008  

    Day by Day, I’m chipping off a little OLD me and finding the potential…
    It’s so good.

  • brewster December 14, 2008  

    WOW! nice. Challenging and great. GREAT POST.