Sunday Highlights

I couldn’t wait to be back at Cross Point Nashville today!  Last Sunday I was out of town and it’s amazing how much I miss things if I’m out for one week.


We continued the Xmas series today with “Putting Compassion Back into Christmas”.  Pete challenged that putting Christ back in Christmas means we humbly serve those around us.  He went on to share the multiple ways we have done this as a community this year and some of the plans that are in store for 2009.  Very exciting stuff!  I encourage you to go listen to the message at the website.  It should be posted tomorrow (Monday).

Here are some other random highlights from the day:

  • The choir helped lead worship with Mike Grayson.  Love it when the choir is a part of worship!
  • My sister and I showed up to church wearing the same shirt and we were both on stage – she was in the choir, I was doing announcements.  We’ve never dressed alike on purpose but somehow this happens frequently.  Great minds, right? 🙂
  • Our Dominican Republic missions team hosted a chili cook-off today… amazing chili!  All proceeds went to support the upcoming trip.

It’s been a very good Sunday!

I think the most challenging thing that I’m pondering from the message today is:

“You will give your life away to something (career, money, status, etc).  Are you giving it away to something that really matters?”

How was your Sunday?  What challenged you today?

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  • debbieinnashville December 14, 2008  

    I think what is challenging me is I was blown away by the love that Cross Point shared with that I have contacted them to see if I could host a family for Christmas to share what Christmas is all about. I copied other folks family) who are also sharing the day with us and all they could say to me is “Have you lost your mind?” No I haven’t. How can we get Christ back into Christmas for everyone?

  • janowen December 14, 2008  

    That’s a similar message I think to what I heard today. One thing I was impressed about was to get out of debt. (ours is from three kids in college which will be reduced to one in the fall) If I have no debt I am free to bless others and spend not just my time and a portion of my money, but to REALLY give in some amazing ways.

  • Jenni Catron December 15, 2008  

    @Debbie – I LOVE that you are planning to host a family for Christmas! That is awesome!!!