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  • melissalove December 29, 2008  

    I’m listening to the video I posted on my blog of some of the orphans in Zimbabwe singing…….can’t get their song out of my head!

  • Rachel December 29, 2008  

    Michael McDonald’s Motown – Christmas gift from Jim

  • Nate December 29, 2008  

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Brooke Fraser lately. “Shadowfeet” is such a soothing and uplifting song! Makes me think of the concept of renewal.

    Also, Mute Math’s newest single, “Spotlight.” Fave band ever!

  • Marla Saunders December 29, 2008  

    I still can’t get away from Robbie Seay Band’s album, particularly Rise, Rise People of Love. I’ve been hanging with that album for almost a year now. I guess God still has a message in there for me!

  • janowen December 29, 2008  

    ugh. I need to get some music just for me. I am thoroughly sick of Christmas music after working on it for months. I listen to worship music all the time but struggle to listen without feeling the urge to “work” and think about how to use it. I just need something fresh.

    Any suggestions?

  • fullofboys January 2, 2009  

    I love this group!! They are one of my favorites…actually Joni got me into them back when she was here! 🙂