New Year = Change

“Everybody resists change – particularly the people who have to do the most changing.”

The new year is a time for fresh starts, new goals, resolutions, etc.  I read this quote today from “Leading Change” by James O’Toole and it’s challenged me to reframe my goal setting for the new year.

What change am I resisting?

What change do I need to embrace?

What change do I need to instigate?

What change do you need to make this year?

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  • tam January 2, 2009  

    owie, jenni.

    that quote hurts.

    changes? too many to list. but they are heavy on my heart right now…

  • Scot Justice January 2, 2009  

    I worked on my MBA for three years, which ate up most of my “spare time”. Now that I’m finished, I need to confront what I’m gong to do with this spare time (once I rest up from the fall semester).

    One of the decisions I’ve made is to read a business related book a month. I did this right after I graduated with my BBA and I still use things I learned during this period. However, I got away from doing this the last few years. Reading your blog and Pete’s Twitters about reading leadership books made me start to think about resuming reading business related books. I’ll probably start with the Seth Goodin books my wife gave me right after I started blogging, which relate to the social media marketing I use for my company.

    I also need to clamp down on my to-do list. During the last few semesters, I was in survival mode with the volume of school work and growing an entrepreneurial company. My business has grown to a point where I cannot keep up with everything I need to do in my head, so a few weks ago, I began formalizing my to-do and task lists.

    The one thong I need to reject is not taking “me time” because of work. This ranges from exercise to time away from the office and work.

  • Anthony Coppedge January 2, 2009  

    Great thoughts. My additional thought is “What am I letting go of this year?”

    In a culture and time when “more is better” and fast beats slow, we’ve entered the life of exponentialism; we have not merely added or multiplied our efforts, tools, technologies, facets and goals, we’ve seen an exponential increase in our time. Problem is, we can’t add, much less get exponentially, more time!

    The art of subtraction is part of my 2009 equation. What was good, but not redeeming, that I can leave behind? Where have I spent too much effort with little ROM (Return On Ministry) or ROL (Return On Life)? Where have I added more balls to juggle instead of deciding to not juggle at all, but instead share those balls with others?

    I’m all about GTD (Getting Things Done), but not at the expense of exponentially adding to my life’s equation. Less isn’t more; less is strategic.

  • jan owen January 2, 2009  

    I think for me the change is simply that it’s time to act. I’ve spent 2 1/2 years waiting, and recovering, and just making it through. I feel like God is saying now it’s time to fly……..I can’t wait to see what 2009 holds in store.

  • kevin January 2, 2009  

    For my the change that I continue to resist is taking care of my health.

    I work too much, and neglact taking care of myself.