Sunday Highlights

Today was one of those days that made me especially proud to be a part of Cross Point!

Pete challenged us with a very powerful message calling us to the core of our vision as a church.

In 2009 we’ll continue to:

Challenge you to be radically devoted to Christ.

Challenge you to be irrevocably committed to one another.

Challenge you to be relentlessly dedicated to reaching the lost.

This statement that Pete made summed it up well:

I want us to stop playing church and to start being the church.

How do you think we do this?  What differentiates being the church versus just playing or going through the motions?

I think God has some big things in store for Cross Point if we can learn to hear God’s heartbeat and become most passionate about that.  Here’s to 2009 Cross Point!  Are you ready for the ride?

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  • Mark Thomas January 4, 2009  

    “I want us to stop playing church and to start being the church.”

    Wow, this needs to be placed on banners over church doors everywhere!

    Great blog, Saint Jenni

  • callmelinds January 4, 2009  

    i’m so glad you put that quote from pete’s message on your site! i literally thought “ooh. that’s a good one. wonder if jenni will put it on her recap.”

  • jan owen January 5, 2009  

    I’ve asked myself this alot. As a worship pastor, I’d say that I think it has to do with waking up to God’s glory, and His purposes in the world as we draw near in worship. THEN we go DO IT – live in true community, reach the lost, love the disenfranchised……we get excited about what God is excited about and we are filled with sorrow at what breaks God’s heart.

    With that said, in all of the “church pain” I have encountered I’m not sure I REALLY know.

  • Lindsey Nobles January 5, 2009  

    Pete was great yesterday -inspired. I am excited to be a part of Cross Point in 2009 – we’ll see where God takes us. I will be at Discovering Cross Point tonight. See you there?

  • sus January 5, 2009  

    thanks for the “promo” tag on the blog header…much appreciated…you ROCK! 🙂