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  • lisa January 23, 2009  

    You were the most stylish cornhole player 😉

  • brent(inWorship) January 23, 2009  

    Now, after watching that video, some may say you had terrible form. But I see that you only hd one objective in mind. Nailing Pete with the bean bags. Hahaha!!

  • Jenni Catron January 23, 2009  

    Thanks LIsa!

    @brent – Absolutely! It’s a rare occasion you get to throw things at your boss

  • JENNI!!!!!!!!!!! Did you really just want to go bowling??? That was hilarious!! I especially liked the “throw” OVER-handed…. way to go!! I could not stop laughing at you!!

  • Pete Wilson January 24, 2009  

    @brent, now it’s all coming together for me. I see her master plan.

  • tam January 26, 2009  

    ok. so you really stink at that…but DANG you looked smashing!!!