Enjoy the Now

I’m wired to achieve.  It’s just in my nature.  I want to grow, to learn, to accomplish new things, to tackle new challenges and to be better than I was the day before.

Most of the time, this is a good thing.

But oftentimes I find that I miss the moments around me…

…the memories to be shared with friends and with family

…the word of encouragement that someone needs to hear from me

…the pat on the back or the “job well done” that I need to give my staff

…the time to truly listen to my husband

Instead of enjoying “now”, I tend to focus on what is yet to come.  I breeze by the moments in anticipation of the future.

And as a result, I lose.

I lose…

…the memories of moments with the people I love the most

…the opportunity to speak into someone’s life at just the right time

…the chance to see a co-worker re-energized and refreshed

…a sacred moment with the love of my life

I don’t want to lose.  I want to enjoy the “Now”!

How about you?  What moments are you missing?

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  • aaron February 4, 2009  

    hmm…I thought you were in a contest. I was gonna try to help. lol

  • jan owen February 5, 2009  

    jenni, what a great reminder. to be fully present can be hard but can be the best gift we give ourselves and those around us – including God!!!! when we are fully present we are fully aware of the gift of the moment, the person, the blessing…..

    are we still on for friday or are you covered up?

  • Andy Borgmann February 5, 2009  

    This is something I struggle with a lot to be honest. I appreciate the post.

    I think even more than “the pat on the back or the ‘job well done’ that I need to give my staff” – we also need to heed that advice to ourselves from time to time.

    We are usually our toughest critics and very rarely tell ourselves that what we are doing is good/well done/enough.

  • holly February 5, 2009  

    ouch! You got me with this one. For the last 6 mos. we have adopted the attitude of just “getting by” while preparing for our future. We’ve already begun the countdown until we can start our “real life”. I know that I’m missing some great opportunities with new friends, new church, etc. but haven’t given in because I know we are leaving in a while (10 months and 20 days, see what I mean?) and don’t want to go through the emotional hurt of moving again. We are in limbo – we left something great (Nashville) and are moving to something great (family in WI), but first we have to get through the mediocre in the middle. It’s hard living in the now when we are looking so forward to the future…

  • Jenni Catron February 5, 2009  

    @Holly – I think your season is particularly hard to enjoy the moment. Why don’t you just come back here? 🙂

  • brandiandboys February 5, 2009  

    this is a huge struggle for me. i miss opportunities to hold my kids, laugh with them, make memories. i’m really trying to embrace the here and now… and ignore the computer! 😉

  • Pete Wilson February 5, 2009  

    I’m truly trying to learn how to be present in the moments I’m needed the most.

  • Rachel Rowell February 5, 2009  

    I relate to this post SO SO SO much! I realized just the other day that I spend so much of my life anticipating things being even better in the future, that I totally miss how amazingly great they are RIGHT NOW! I just know that if I’m not careful I’ll look back at this time in my life now and realize that these really were the best days of my life. I don’t want it to be that way. I want to learn to LIVE in the now.