Friday Fun

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted Friday Fun, so here’s the latest:

  • My husband left the house WAYYYYY early this morning for work, so Mick (my dog) assumed it was time to get up… but instead I laid in bed and finished the novel that I’ve been reading,  I love the feeling of finishing a good book!
  • Ran 7 miles in Edwin Warner park with Ash today.  I’m having trouble getting my groove this year in training.
  • I could smell the sun today… really I could.
  • The squirrels were especially frisky today in the park.  They kept startling me during the run.  I think they have spring fever (me too!)
  • Grapefruit – my treat of choice after completing my run.  I LOVE grapefruit!
  • Talked to my dad.  First time in a few weeks that we actually got to talk instead of exchanging voicemails.
  • Working on a talk for a seminar at NRB this Sunday.  I’ll be part of a panel discussion with Matthew Paul Turner, Joe Sindorf and Michael Buckingham.  Looking forward to working with these guys.
  • Going to meet my friend Jan for tea this afternoon
  • Bought the new album from The Fray.  Anybody else have it yet? Whatcha think?
  • Get to hang out with some friends tonight – yay!

It’s a good day!

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  • brandiandboys February 6, 2009  

    ohhhh, for a minute i thought that said marcus buckingham!!!!! 🙂

    i love the fray and really should invest in that album, i’ve liked each cut i’ve heard so far.

    fill me in on what book you finished!

  • Ricky Cook February 6, 2009  

    I got to play some early morning hoops today. That’s my fun today! I’m feeling it this afternoon though!