Truly Healing

Ryan and I are hanging out with the staff and volunteers of The Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, LA.  This church freakin’ amazes me by their love and compassion for people.  We spent the day tagging along on some of the various ministries and outreaches that they were doing.  I can’t believe how much impact one community of believers can have when they are committed to unconditionally loving and serving others.  Truly unbelievable!

Here are a few pics from our day:

Top row L-R – The table full of roses and candy that we gave away on the LSU campus, Ryan serving grits at the homeless breakfast, Ryan and a new friend

Bottom row L-R – Ryan and I with some of the homeless we served breakfast to, Ryan and I with the statue of the LSU Tiger (we did actually get to see Mike VII but he was sleeping and I couldn’t get a good pic), a Healing Place staff person handing out roses on the LSU campus

Here’s a quick video we did with Dan and JP, talking about our day:


It was an amazing day!  I’m reminded that such simple acts of kindness speak big love into others’ lives!

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  • brandiandboys February 13, 2009  

    what a great opportunity, jenni. i actually watched the video earlier today and teared up watching the excitement Healing Place has for servolution, inspirational!!!

  • Rog Hill February 13, 2009  

    Is this a church or a para church? Serving the community is a strong direction that our church really wants to head in this year. If it is a church, can I get some more info on them.

  • Jenni Catron February 13, 2009  

    @Rog – yes, it’s a church. You can check them out at

  • Fran February 13, 2009  

    This is one amazing church. One of my good friends here in TN is from Shreveport LA and follows this church a lot. We are wanting to adopt the focus of service the week before Easter. I can’t think of what they call it. I love churches like this.


  • Pete Wilson February 13, 2009  

    We miss you guys but so glad you’re getting the opportunity to hang out down there. I love what HP is doing!! What a great example of a servolution!

  • kevinwlloyd February 13, 2009  

    I’ve got several friends on staff and who attend HPC. I used to live down there and attended back when they were Trinity Church. What an awesome vision and heart. Dino is the man! You guys enjoy and soak it up.

  • jan owen February 13, 2009  

    go jenni go! can’t wait to hear all you learn!

  • dan ohlerking February 13, 2009  

    wow – jenni it was really cool of y’all to come down here and jump right in on everything. i twittered this yesterday, but after hanging out with anne and now y’all, i’m convinced that EVERYONE at CPC is just totally cool.

    for the other commenters asking about connecting with us for the 7 Days of Servolution, (i hope i’m not being too forward posting this here – if i am, jenni just nuke this part of the comment – cool with me) the link to get involved is – hope all of you can join up with it in one way or another.

    thanks again, jenni. CPC rocks.

  • Jeff Henderson February 13, 2009  

    Jenni – thanks for sharing your trip with us. Love it!!