Sunday Highlights

Sorry that I’ve been a bit quiet the last few days.  On Friday I got some kind of warning from WordPress that there was “concern” about something I posted.  I couldn’t post anything until I contacted WordPress.  I’m still not exactly sure what the issue was but it had something to do with a picture of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg I posted last Easter.  Huh??!!??  So, anyway that is resolved and I think I’m out of posting probation now.

I was also extremely busy with our Cross Point Leadership Retreat this weekend.  We had a great time with our Elders, Board of Directors and Central Staff Leaders.  We listened, we brainstormed, we dreamed, we debated, we planned.  I’m more excited than ever about what God is doing at Cross Point these days!

Today Pete continued the Back Seat Jesus series with the message “Trusting Jesus as Your Teacher”.  Here are a few of the notes and scriptures:

  • Spiritual trouble arises when we have a skewed or inaccurate vision of who Jesus is.
  • We view Jesus as our grace for eternity, but not our grace for life.
  • Matthew 5:21-24, 27-29
  • Matthew 6:1-2, 19-21
  • Do I trust what Jesus taught?  If I can’t trust him, I can’t follow him.
  • Following Jesus is not about behavioral modification.  It’s about transformation of the heart.  It’s not just about your actions, it’s about your heart and motives.
  • Matthew 11:28-30
  • John 7:37-38

It was a great message that really challenged us to thing about the way we percieve Jesus.  Do we really see him as our teacher and guide for life?

How about you?  Do you spend more time modifying your behavior or your heart?

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  • Aaron March 8, 2009  

    it’s good to know that WordPress is keeping a close eye on all those crazy church leaders posting pictures of eggs at Easter 😉

  • Ron Edmondson March 8, 2009  

    That’s funny about the Easter egg. We were alerted this weekend that we had some Vimeo posts in “jeopardy” we had used for baptism videos. We are making some changes to make sure we are completely “legal” this week.

  • Jessica March 8, 2009  

    this week was a tough one! lovin it!