A Beautiful Word


Is writing becoming a lost art? I really hope not.

I have always been what I call a “thought” journaler.  I tend to not journal feelings because I don’t want my feelings to be found.

But I love to journal thoughts, observations, ideas and dreams

I love to journal quotes, books to read, books I’ve read and things I want to do.

I have a journal that travels everywhere with me.  It’s always in my purse and I pull it out many times throughout the day to capture a thought or an idea.

I have stacks of journals, both filled and unfilled.  Filled journals that I refer to often.  Unfilled journals that are waiting for their time to live in my purse and travel where I travel.  I love to find a unique journal that captures my style and personality.  In fact, I’m rather finicky about the type of journals I write in.  Journals that have been gifted to me with a personal note from someone close to me are even more special.

I’ve often wondered if the art of the hand-written word would go away with technology, but somehow I don’t think so.  My computer travels with me just as much, and truth be told I spend more hours on my computer, but my journal is reserved for the very special thoughts and ideas.

With all the beauties of technology, I really don’t think my journal will go away.  There is just something sacred about a hand-written thought.

What about you?  To journal or not to journal?

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  • Sarah Smith March 9, 2009  

    THIS POST i can totally relate too. I have found myself thinking the same thoughts a lot of the time. My mother is a huge journaler(?)/letter writer and fortunately, the desire and need has been passed down to me. to me, words are much prettier hand written. i’m with you too on the journals; i have several filled, half-full and some empty. i love reading back through thoughts, notes, prayers, etc. it is something very personal and calming [for me]. *thank you for sharing this!

  • Brittany March 9, 2009  

    I am a quote collector, I love keeping lists of inspiring quotes, verses, and (too) the books I have read or would like to read.
    Even a good quote from a friend makes the quote journal – Ex: “What good are the sprinkles on the cake, when you don’t have a good cake!.” ~ Meggie Jones (analogy on dating)

    My boyfriend keeps a movie list through out the year and ranks each movie that he sees (in order) it’s interesting to look back over the collection of movies that he has seen over the year.

  • kristiapplesauce March 9, 2009  

    Oh you got my heart on this one. I am a journaler through and through. I was given a moleskin journal when we moved here and it has taken me a while to complete it…just the other day I found similar leather bound journals with the strap and pocket, thick paper…anyways so they were like $3.50 instead of $16.00 so I bought 5. I wonder if I will have enough interesting and thought provoking experiences to fill all of them. I am pretty random though. I write emotions and thoughts and songs and stick notes and magazine clippings. Anything of meaning ends up in my journals. Kind of like my life. It is all so cluttered and stuffed. I think I need a secretary.

  • randi :) March 9, 2009  

    I agree 🙂

  • Tommy Sircy March 9, 2009  

    I write down everything. I wrote my own Sunday School lessons for twenty years and they are still within reach. Occasionally, I’ll pull them out and look at the notes of lives that were changed, prayers answered, loved ones promoted to glory and the written words pierce my heart anew.

    No, Jenni, the hand-written word will never go away. The people that have suggested so are as wrong as those who created the Edsel. It will be alive and well long after our collections of Word documents have passed away in the latest virus.

  • Pete Wilson March 9, 2009  

    Jenni, I love to journal and I’ve been filling up the one you gave me for Christmas!

  • Jessica March 9, 2009  

    It used to be all my thoughts and personal stuff now its all kinds of random! I love it!

  • Gina Ellis March 10, 2009  

    I just started to journal as I want to look at the next 50 years differently. I don’t have a fancy one just a composition notebook that I picked up. I started it on 2/15 after I surrendered my fears at church. Thank you Pete!. I find I post random but more so on Sundays after church. I find that it is very theraputic in addition to opening my eyes to real issues. Think I am ready to go buy a “Big Girl” journal.

  • Jenni Catron March 10, 2009  

    @Brittany – I have a journal devoted to quotes. I love collecting them too. Maybe we should swap good quotes! 🙂

    @Gina – I agree. Writing can be very therapeutic. Go get yourself a fancy journal. It’s like getting a pedicure… not necessary but makes you feel special.

  • Heidi March 10, 2009  

    Oh I am a journaler. I love my moleskin that I got from my pastor, I treasure it, although already full.

    I don’t have a big budget now, because of finances, so I use spiral .99 notebooks. I have boxes of them from my teenage years up to now at almost 43.

    I do use my laptop often to journal also, although I find it non personal.

    But it does have spellcheck! LOL