Slow Down!


A close friend said two words to me today that I really needed to hear…


That was all it took to get my attention and to force me to refocus.  Every once in awhile you need someone to simply state the obvious.

What two words do you need to hear today?

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  • Heidi March 10, 2009  

    Allow Me

  • Linnae Hoppe March 11, 2009  

    “You Can”

    – a lot of responsibilities on my plate right now.. 2 main things: 1. organizing and getting the office together which hasn’t been done really ever. it’s a huge task to take on myself.. and 2.finding someone to re-design our website.

    just need to have good time management and determination to finish these so i can move onto something else!

  • fullofboys March 11, 2009  

    They’re good…..some days I just stress about taking on a new role outside the house and I wonder if I am really following God in it and are the boys (my hubby included) doing fine without me. Last night Heath used those words with me and it was such a peace that wrapped around me.

  • Sarah Smith March 11, 2009  

    “stop worrying”

    there are a few things with my job right now that i am really worried about…the whole job security part is not really where i thought it was. So, i am trying to figure out what, if need be, would be my next step; and i’m stuck.

  • lindseyreadenobles March 11, 2009  

    I am with Sarah. “Stop Worrying” is at the top of my list.

  • Gina Ellis March 11, 2009  

    Stay Focused: I need to think about today as tomorrow will have worries of its own.

  • Sunny Cain March 11, 2009  

    You’re Loved

  • Jenni Catron March 11, 2009  

    These are so good!

  • Brett March 11, 2009  

    Shut Up!!
    Me…not you… 🙂

  • Jessica March 11, 2009  

    Go home! My staff tells me this all the time…. But Slow Down is right up there!

  • holly March 11, 2009  

    Be patient! Unfortunately, I need to hear this daily in so many areas of my life!