What do you see?

“But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion for them, because they were distressed and scattered” Matthew 9:36

This verse really struck me today.  How often am I in crowds of people and I just pass by without a care, without a concern, without seeing the needs, hurts, hopes, and fears of people?

When Jesus saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion for them.

Am I moved with compassion for the people around me?

As a church leader, am I moved with compassion for the multitudes of people just outside our church doors who are distressed and scattered?

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  • Pete Wilson March 24, 2009  

    Not near as much as I should!

  • Heidi March 24, 2009  

    This is a great challenge. I also find it difficult within the church too. Jenni, as the Impress director it’s “my job” to welcome people and etc. But in my busyness in “my job” I struggle finding the person standing in front of me weeping.

    Remedy for me lately has been, to step away a service or two and just sit on the back row before service or in the cafe and people watch, asking God under my breath of whom I should touch. It hasn’t failed yet.

    I remind myself that my job isn’t the title, my job is what God says what’s important.

    He wants us to move about with compassion.

  • lisa March 24, 2009  

    Sitting for nearly 6 hours in the Department of Human Services last Friday, a place I never thought we would ever be. Gave me a good dose of of some long needed medicine, in compassion and humility. Btw the walls a bare it drove me crazy , they could use a dose of serving Saturday at DHS ! 🙂

  • mandie March 24, 2009  

    So good.
    That’s is one of my favorite verses.
    “He was moved with compassion…”

    There is something so powerful about that word compassion…and if you actually look it up in the original language it is something that is active.
    You can’t have true compassion without being active.

    Which makes me question:
    Am I really as compassionate as I think I am? I can only tell from my actions. But from where I’m standing right now…I honestly don’t think I’m as compassionate as I claim to be nor am I as compassionate as I ought to be.

    But here’s the great part…we can become more compassionate. 2 Cor. 5.14 says “the love of Christ compels us…” It’s the overwhelming, relentless, unfathomable love of God poured into our lives and overflowing into the lives of others. In my mind, that’s what compassion really is.
    So my heart’s cry: God pour your love into me to the point of overflowing.

  • Vanessa March 25, 2009  

    Just read that verse last night and it stood out off of the page to me. I can tell you that I’m NOT like that most of the time. I’m not “moved with compassion” toward the multitudes unless it is pertaining to salvation. I often times overlook their hurts, lack of direction, and sense of fear.

    Totally convicted me last night. Interesting that it got you too. My prayer is that we will all be moved with compassion for the multitudes like Jesus was.

  • Jenni Catron March 25, 2009  

    @Mandie – I love your perspective on the action part of compassion. Great thoughts!

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