How do you say 2010?


I’m a planner by nature.  I love to create plans and strategies that help us achieve our goals for the future.  Lately, my planning has been running into the year 2010 a lot.  But I keep finding myself stumbling over how to say 2010.

Is it?

Two thousand ten

Just “ten”

Someone even told me it was “oh ten” which doesn’t seem right, but there is technically still a zero in front of ten.

So help me out.  How do you say 2010?

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  • Ladybird March 25, 2009  

    I have been saying “twenty-ten”. Curious as to what others say!

  • Sarah Smith March 25, 2009  

    Morning! i’ve actually dealt with this lately too because we are planning for a few 2010 events – i’ve been saying 0h-ten. that’s just me though – i do think saying just 10 sounds really odd 🙂

  • anne jackson March 25, 2009  

    I’ve been saying twenty ten as well!

  • Jennifer March 25, 2009  

    I’ve been saying “two thousand ten,” but I don’t like that it takes so long to say. After reading the previous comments, I think I may switch to “twenty ten.” Thanks Ladybird and Anne!

  • Jenni Catron March 25, 2009  

    Oh yeah, I forgot to put “twenty ten” in the list. This does seem the most natural.

  • kevinjbradford March 25, 2009  

    Hilarious post, because I struggle with the same thing. I catch myself saying oh-ten. Which sounds odd, but in a mtg I said “ten” the other day, and someone said, “in ten what, days, weeks? I need a little more detail here.”

    So I up for direction in this area. Good Luck in finding out for the rest of us!

  • Lori Wilhite March 25, 2009  

    I’m “twenty-ten” too. Weird how fast that will be here … glad you are getting to the bottom of this for us!

  • Dad March 25, 2009  

    I think Twenty-Ten, sounds good.
    See you soon.
    Love Dad

  • Gina Ellis March 25, 2009  

    I think the proper way would be Two Thousand ten, however, I say 20 10

  • Jessica March 25, 2009  

    i use 20 10 (but it kinda sounds like your talking about your vision,) all the time at work but i kinda like oh ten also 🙂

  • Vanessa March 25, 2009  

    twenty-ten is the way I say it! “By the year twenty-ten….” =)

  • Linnae Hoppe March 25, 2009  

    Sarah and I are way too much alike b/c I was going to say “o”-10. It sounds stupid and i love it!

  • Rachel March 25, 2009  

    I’m old-fashioned and say TWO THOUSAND TEN. I also say Two Thousand and nine for this year, not 20-0-9. There’s no confusion for anyone when you say the full thing. But I’m sure I like the long version because of my writing background…I’m a dork like that.

  • Brian Senecal March 25, 2009  

    I’ve been saying aught-ten …Why? no clue! Jus tthink it sounds funny I guess!

  • JPHogan March 25, 2009  

    I like 20-10, it just rolls off the tongue. Great question! 🙂

  • Sarah Smith March 25, 2009  

    you have to tell us what you decide!

  • maurilio March 25, 2009  

    it’s 0-10: easier to say than 20-10.

  • DEb March 25, 2009  

    I’m with the majority…. TWENTY TEN… sounds good!

  • lisa gardiner March 25, 2009  

    20-10 🙂

  • Cindy Beall March 26, 2009  

    How about two thousand ten?

    I know, I’m original 🙂

  • mandythompson March 26, 2009  


    Two thousand ‘n’ ten = two thousand and ten, but with a shortened emphasis on “and” to make it ‘n’…?

  • Chris March 26, 2009  

    I’ve actually spent time wondering about this for next year (I really do have more challenging thoughts). I think “twenty ten” rolls off the tongue well… So maybe I’ll stick with THAT!

  • Jenni Catron March 26, 2009  

    @MandyThompson – I love how that southern girl in you just has to find a way out 🙂

  • pcase March 29, 2009  

    The business gal in me is talking in terms of FY10 and oh, by the way, FY11 and FY12. Yep. I’m a planner too. But like Chris said in her comment, for me personally, twenty ten, twenty eleven, twenty twelve seems to roll best.

  • Jenni Clayville March 30, 2009  

    two thousand ten… but i think twenty-ten is WAAAAAAAAAAY better.

  • Jenni Clayville March 30, 2009  

    or ten-twenty for the dyslexic…

    … just sayin’….

  • Dan Golus April 28, 2009  

    Twenty-Ten is it.

    Most tv & radio newscasters are saying ‘twenty’ for 2010 and beyond. Advertisers havn’t yet made the switch, for some odd reason.

  • Noah June 13, 2009  

    I say twenty-ten, you wouldn’t say ninteenhundted and ten would you?

  • jasmine July 12, 2009  

    i kno im going to be in the yearbook comitee and stuff and i have a hard time to figure it out how about ” 1-Oh””the big 1-Oh””2-OH-1-Oh””2-Oh-10″”20-1-ohs” idk this years so odd

  • TwistMan September 2, 2009  

    I’m sticking with 20-10. Twenty Ten. Easy to say, everyone understands and you don’t end up looking like a dork!

  • Not a Dork September 2, 2009  

    Ya oh ten sounds silly

    20-10 is the way to go and I will make to point to belittle all the oh-ten ppl

    you’ve been warned ;-p

  • jaimini September 19, 2009  

    i want to say 2010, we’ve been saying it for nearly 10 years now, i dont want it to change!!

  • Sophie October 14, 2009  

    Well, i don’t know about anyone else(looking at the comments above, i think i’m the odd one out) but i say “two thousand and ten” but i hear people say “0h ten” and “twenty ten”

  • Dan October 17, 2009  

    My prediction: Y2K10 (why-two-kay-ten) or MMX (emm-emm-ex). I suppose by the time that year ever rolls around (IF it ever rolls around), people may chop off the Y, and shorten it to 2K10. Two-Kay-Ten, folks.

  • tam November 29, 2009  

    um. im in denial. im not ready for 2010 yet.

  • Richard Westley December 4, 2009  

    I live in Ohio. We say O-H-One-O 😉

  • Jose January 1, 2010  

    Two thousand ten I think is prety cool.

  • Guest January 1, 2010  

    We didn't call 1910 "One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ten," we called it "Nineteen Ten," so I'm calling this year Twenty Ten. I know we've been calling recent years Two Thousand Eight, Two Thousand Nine, etc., but saying Twenty-Eight would have been misleading. Twenty-Ten is not. And at some point it'll be 2018–are you going to say "Two Thousand Eighteen"? No. "Two Thousand Thirty Seven?" No. So, Twenty Ten is a good year to break the Thousand-calling and start using the twenty!

  • Lori January 3, 2010  

    The NAGG (National Association of Good Grammar) has made there decree.

    And the winner is….

    drum roll please….

    Twenty ten

    Here is a link: <a href=" target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>

    I found your website researching the answer to the question.
    Thanks for sharing.