Adventures with Sammy Mac


He looks pretty sweet and innocent doesn’t he?

Merlyn and I are babysitting Sammy, the closest thing I have to nephew, this week.  And life with Sammy is an adventure to say the least!

Sammy is a wild man… a ball of energy… unpredictable chaos… and sweet and affectionate all at the same time.

He’s been here less than 24 hours and it’s already been a wild ride:

Episode 1: Sammy escapes

This morning after taking Sammy and Mick (our dog) out for their bathroom break, Sammy escaped out the back door and made a break for it.  He took off into the neighbors yards with my husband dressed in shirt, tie and dress shoes sprinting after him.  (Just picture it – it’s funny now.)  A good five minutes later I see Merlyn walking back up our street with Sammy by the collar.  Apparently they had explored most of the neighborhood. 🙂

Episode 2: Sammy, Mick & Jenni go for a run

I don’t know what I was thinking.  You see, Sammy is a Border Collie mix and I’m pretty sure the “mix” means HORSE.  Seriously, his groomer thinks he has Great Dane in him.  He’s HUGE!  For the first mile, Mick and I were just pulled along by Sammy.  I’m not sure how great of a run I actually got.  I think I got more of an upper body workout… and my hands are raw from trying to hold onto his leash (I didn’t want to repeat episode 1).

In addition, Sammy has confiscated a pair of my sleepers, raided all the trash cans, destroyed 2 rawhide bones, drank from the toilets, tipped his food bowl over repeatedly and tormented Mick pretty good.

We have roughly 96 hours left with Sammy and I’m sure they will be eventful!

So share a crazy pet story with us!  Help me feel better 🙂

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  • Vanessa April 1, 2009  

    LOL…sounds like an adventure.

    Gotta say, though…welcome to my daily life…only times 20 or so. I own a fully interactive dog boarding facility – which means that we do dog boarding but we also do daycare (they play in play groups with other dogs) with all boarding dogs. It’s 1am and I just got back from running about 20 dogs out to go to the bathroom for the last time and I’ll be back at it at 7:30am.

    I’ll think of you guys in the morning while I’m chasing my groups! LOL

    And by the way….the only thing that could make your story of him escaping worse was if it had been pouring the rain where you are – like it was here this morning! =)

    Good luck!!!! 🙂

  • Jenni Catron April 2, 2009  

    @Vanessa – I don’t know how you do it!

  • Heidi April 2, 2009  

    When I was young and lived in Oregon, my (dumb) persian cat followed me to school… I walked. Anyways I didn’t know he did until 2nd period, here I am a scrawny 7th grader with braces already teased a bit, and this cat walks in an open door on a spring morning howling!! My teacher was shooing, I was rescuing Joey from a terrible death of a broom. Two periods later, Joey was rescued, and So was I 🙂

  • Carey April 2, 2009  

    That sounds like our daily life!! We have two 60 lb dogs that are still only about 15 months and have plenty of puppy left in them. If they are inside with any energy they are play fighting with each other constantly. I feel like someone is going to report us for dog-fighting. I guess it kind of works with my husband, because he has just as much energy as they do so they all chase each other around the house. They have shredded several towels (because we give them to them). Bailey, the lab/vessla mix, has torn up at least 3 dog beds. The both jumped on Laura while she was holding Micah and almost knocked her over (they were just excited!) 🙂 Life is always an adventure with two dogs.

  • Ladybird April 2, 2009  

    I didn’t have any pets growing up other than the random goldfish. Then I moved in with my pre-vet roommate in college…..and her 150 lb. great dane. It was like having 3 people live in our tiny 2 bedroom apartment. Plus, she worked at a vet clinic and brought home every animal that didn’t have a home, nursed it back to health and found a family for it. Needless to say, I got really good at tube feeding puppies quickly! She rubbed off on me. Now we have 2 dogs and a cat. As crazy as they are sometimes, they are worth every adventure!

  • Jenni Catron April 2, 2009  

    Love your stories @Heidi, @Carey & @Ladybird – so funny! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah Smith April 2, 2009  

    Jenni – i have some really ridiculous pet stories, from rabbits, cats, dogs and ferrets. Yes, ferrets. They all pretty much end in tragedy. Just remind me next time and you will see how being a pet owner is not in the cards for me yet.

  • Jessica April 2, 2009  

    Aw man he is just testing you. I swear he runs good not sure why he didnt for you. but he does give you a great uppper body work out also 🙂 Thank you Thank you and I love you. tell him i miss him 🙂

  • Monica Hunt April 2, 2009  

    We have a dog (Jack Russell Terrier). When she was a younger I decided to let her go outside to the bathroom with no leash on (btw I was warned by my hubby that I should NOT do this and he also wasn’t there). We were at my parents house who live on a golf course…she took off on the golf course and I had to go chasing her for a good 5-10 minutes…I had only socks on and there were people golfing! She eventually jumped in someone’s golf cart and then peed on the seat bc she knew how much trouble she was going to be in!!!
    Needless to say…I have never let her off the leash without him there bc she listens to him much better than she does me! And I’ll never do it in such an open area either!

  • ryanguard April 2, 2009  

    Years ago my dad owned a black wolf/dog/beast named Oso. He took him everywhere from the day he got him. Oso was about 40 pounds on the day that my dad took him with him to a job interview in Los Angeles. (I guess he couldn’t leave Oso at home or with someone)

    My dad didn’t have time to eat before his interview, and neither did Oso, so they stopped at McDonald’s in my dad’s black, tee-top Corvette. They hit the drive thru and got a couple Big Macs, one for the dog, and one for dad.

    Have you ever driven in Los Angeles? There can be a LOT of traffic. And there was on this day. About 30 minutes into their drive my dad noticed that Oso seemed really upset about something. He sat up straight in the passenger seat, moaning and whimpering more and more, eventually beginning to spin around in the seat in a panic. My dad was three lanes over on the freeway, stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. And Oso needed to go go.

    And he went.


    Spinning in circles in my dad’s corvette, covering the car’s interior (including my dad in his suit). Big Macs aren’t for dogs, and they both learned that the hard way.

    He didn’t get the job.

  • Rachel April 2, 2009  

    Several thoughts came to mind: (1) in Episode 1, was Merlyn wearing pants because you failed to mention that and it made me laugh; (2) I think Benadryl sedates dogs just like it does kids; and (3)Jess owes you big time. 😉

    My worst dog-sitting story involved Shelby’s Otis when he was tiny. He would whimper in his crate but when you took him out, he would pee on the rug or nibble at your skin. Then he was the one who (full-grown) jumped on me spilling hot cocoa all over my lap. No love for bad dogs!

  • Jenni Catron April 2, 2009  

    @Ryan – that is hilarious! Disgusting but hilarious!

    @Rachel – yes, he was wearing pants 🙂 And I remember the Otis hot cocoa episode well.

  • Dad April 2, 2009  

    You know I have several stories about Dudly. Not enough room to tell them. This week is a drastic difference from last weekend with Weaver. I think Jess needs a little dog like Weaver.

  • Jenni Catron April 2, 2009  

    @Dad – yeah, Dudley deserves a post all his own. That dog was crazy but I loved him!