Serving It Up!

Ryan Bult, our Director of Missions, has been challenging our entire church to participate in Servolution this week.  The Healing Place Church led by Dino Rizzo is leading the charge of Servolutiona revolution of people around the country doing random acts of kindness to simply love and serve people. How cool is that?

So yesterday several of our staff handed out free breakfast on Charlotte Ave… just because.  Check it out!


I encourage you… do something randomly nice for someone this week and then tell us about it!

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  • Ladybird April 9, 2009  

    I saw you guys on the nightly news last night! I was so excited. What a wonderful thing to do. So inspiring!

    One of my little weekly “pay it forwards” is to leave coupons for baby formula on the product at Walmart. I sometimes get $5-$10 coupons in the mail for formula that I don’t use. That is alot of money and formula is soooo expensive. I don’t know if anyone is using them, but I sure hope that they are helping someone.

  • patrowland April 9, 2009  

    That was a great morning, wish you could have been there. It was incredibly rewarding!

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  • Dad April 10, 2009  

    That was great Jenni. Tell Ryan great job plus I liked seeing his face on the vidio. Been to long since I saw or talk to him. I just can’t believe how creative you are at Cross Point.

    Have a great day.