Bunnies, baskets, fancy dresses… OH AND the cross, the grave, the resurrection!

It’s Saturday.  I’m gearing up for our first Easter service tonight and I’m feeling very contemplative.

I’ve always celebrated Easter.  And while bunnies, baskets, eggs, and fancy dresses were always a part of it, my family did communicate the significance of Christ’s death and resurrection.

But for some reason Easter is affecting me differently this year.  I’m not sure why…

  • Maybe it’s because I turned 33 last month and this was the age Christ faced his horrific death and miraculous resurrection.  I can’t imagine the weight of his responsibility.
  • Perhaps it’s because I took Pete’s 28 day challenge and I’ve been reading through the book of Matthew with more intentionality than ever.
  • It could be because I have become more painfully aware this year of my raw, broken humanity and desperate need for a Savior.

Maybe it’s all of these things, but whatever the reason, I’m glad it’s different this year.

I’m praying for you today.  Praying that the miracle of the event moves you in a special way this Easter!

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One comment

  • Melissa Irwin April 12, 2009  

    Happy Belated Birthday, Jenni! Happy Easter. It was an awesome service at Cross Point. And for whatever the reason that you are more contemplative this year, my prayer for you is that you be filled with His sustaining hope and joy. Love to you.