Join me for a little run

I had a great day running the Country Music 1/2 Marathon!  A couple of days before the race, Matt suggested I take the “Catron Cam” along to document the race from a runner’s perspective.  So I grabbed my Kodak Zi6 little mini HD cam and headed out to the race today.



WARNING: This might make you a bit nauseous. It’s hard to do good camera work when you’re pounding the pavement.

PS – This was my first attempt at editing my own video.  I know it’s a bit long, but it’s hard to condense over 2 hours of running and pre and post race highlights.

Also starring in this video:

Ashley Warren – my faithful running partner

Matt Warren – Ashley’s husband

Brian Dishon – Cross Point Elder

Jessica Esch – my wonderful sister (you’ll notice that I also refer to her as “Hilda”… that’s a story for another day)

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  • Rachel April 26, 2009  

    I loved the video. Felt just like I was there, minus the sweat and claustrophobia of the crowd. 🙂 So proud of y’all for finishing and finishing strong. Maybe I’ll do it again when I’m 40….maybe.

  • Heidi April 26, 2009  


    How awesome!! You encouraged me to do another 5K.

    Loved it!

  • Kat April 26, 2009  

    You rock, Catron! Due to your hard work & video inspiration i’ve signed up for the 1/2 in Vegas in December!

  • Wes Howard April 26, 2009  

    Oh man, what a day! You rocked it out! Glad I got to see my legs run by…I will never forget what I was feeling at that moment! Next year I will joining the rest of you on the half!

  • Jenni Catron April 26, 2009  

    @Rach – I missed you this year!

    @Heidi – If I’m ever in your neck of the woods, I’ll do a 5K with you.

    @Kat – Yea! I’m so proud. What a great reason to go to Vegas!

    @Wes – next year I’ll let you do the camera work since you run faster than us. I’m still in awe that you completely the full marathon!

  • Dad April 26, 2009  

    Jenni, that was great. It felt like I was taking the adventure with you. Thanks for doing the video.

  • brandiandboys April 26, 2009  

    congrats girl. what an accomplishment!!!!! you all are awesome.

  • Brenda April 26, 2009  

    That was so cool! Thanks for sharing and congrats for finishing a 1/2 marathon. I’ve only ran 10K’s and now my body is too old to try and run anything farther, haha! I’m suppose to run the irongirl 10K in Del Mar in June, but my only friend that runs won’t be in town. So I have to decide if I want to run it alone which won’t be much fun, or not go at all… sniff. Hope to visit Nashville on day. 🙂

  • Christina Schmidt April 26, 2009  

    That’s a TON of people! I must say, I’m quite impressed with your guided tour WHILE running! Kudos on finishing the race!

  • Jessica April 26, 2009  

    My Goal is to run with you next year and the video will be even better 🙂 Awesome Job So proud of you as always!

  • lisapbjcreations April 26, 2009  

    you guys make it look like fun! It amazes me how you guys can run that long ! awesomeness !..very inspiring ,almost makes me want to give it a try almost 😉

  • holly April 26, 2009  

    Great job Jenni! You’ll have to plan the Fox Cities 1/2 marathon in the next couple of years – I’ll do it with you (the route goes right past the house we are in the process of buying!) and your family in the northwoods would love it! 🙂

  • Janice April 27, 2009  

    Congratulations on another finish! As hard as the running is (especially in the heat), I can’t imagine trying to video and narrate at the same time! And it didn’t even sound like you were breathing hard ;). Thanks for letting all of us share, that was awesome.

  • arauch April 27, 2009  

    Way to go!! You guys did great, and I loved the video! I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not to train for the half next year. After watching your video it got me really excited so I think I’m going to do it! I was training year before last, and one saturday (doing a 10 mile run) I got a stress fracture in my foot at mile 9. Ouch! I wasn’t able to recover in time to do the race. I was so bummed but I think I was training too aggressively, this time I’ll take it much slower. Great job!!

  • WOW JENNI!!!!!!! You are a TOTAL MACHINE!!!! You didn’t even LOOK like you had run at all!!!! This video idea was AWESOME…thank you matt… and thank you Jenni for doing that!! Even though it probably slowed your time down, you didn’t care, you cared about all us!! CONGRATS to all of you in the video….

    I MAY do it again….MAY.

  • Didee May 1, 2009  

    I am sooooo proud of you and your sister! You girls have become beautiful young ladies and I am proud to be your AUNT!!!! 😀
    LOVE YA BUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mom May 3, 2009  

    Thanks for sharing the video, Jen. It made me feel like I was watching you. I am very proud! Love you!