Compassion-ate Prayers


I believe that mission trips are one of the most powerful ways for you to come face-to-face with the raw emotion of life.  I went on my first oversees mission trip to Honduras when I was 16 years old.  Since then I have been to The Philippines, The Dominican Republic and Africa on mission trips.  Each time, I was moved.  Each time, I came home different.

This week Pete is joining a team from Compassion in the country of India.  I know that they’ll see and hear things that will bring them to tears.  They’ll also discover joy in the simplest of smiles.  They’ll miss some comforts and they’ll face their own inconsistencies.  They’ll come home different.  They’ll see through different eyes.

I encourage you to take some time this week to pray for Pete and the rest of the Compassion Team.  And be sure to follow their journey HERE.

Have you been on a mission trip?  If so, where and how did it change you?

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  • Dad April 28, 2009  

    I’ve had the privilege to take part in two mission trips as you know. Africa, with you and Merlyn and to the Dominican Republic with Merlyn and Crosspoint. There is not enough time or room to express how it changed and affected my life. At first I felt said for the way they lived in both countries. Other than the disease I found myself asking who really had it so good. Life is much simpler in both these countries. In Africa people had what they needed, no more. They found ways to survive and live a very simple life. Maybe we are just way to materialistic. Both were great trips and experiences, one I would like to do again some day.
    Thank you Jenni for these great experiences.

  • Heidi Menges April 29, 2009  

    I have been to Turkey, Mexico and in the process of planning for Nicaragua. I also am the mission coordinator where we pray for Burundi, Africa. I follow the LPM blog which has linked me up to your church also. Missions is my heart and I thank your colleagues for their story. Because of flowerdusts very real blog I will be sponsoring a child.

  • sundar MDiv,Mth August 24, 2009  

    Dear sir,

    Greetings to you in the precious name of lord and saviour of jesus christ this is sundar from india iam working as a pastor we are having 20 childerns some are father less mother less some of the childerns father and mother they died in tsunami humble iam requesting if you any sponcers to support help these childerns kindly inform me i will send the childerns biodata they will have the bright future.


    sundar Mdiv,Mth inda.