Book Review: Andy Stanley’s The Principle of the Path

Principle of the Path

Direction – not intention – determines our destination.

That’s the simplicity of Andy Stanley‘s “The Principle of the Path”.  In his book, Andy explains why this simple principle has such a profound impact on every area of our lives.  He shares how each decision we make affects our destination.  Whether a failed relationship, an unmet dream, or unrealized goal there was likely a step/a decision that you made that took you down a path that led you to that destination.  By sharing personal examples, Biblical stories and practical application, Andy brings this principle to life.  He’s also careful to acknowledge that some destinations are out of our reach and beyond our control, and yet the decisions we make in these moments still impact our destination.

I love this book and I hate this book at the same time.  I love this book because it’s logical.  It makes sense.  It makes me feel like I do have some control over my life and it challenges me to be wise about the paths that I choose.  I hate this book because it forces me to realize that my choices have consequences and no matter what my intentions are, my direction, not my intentions determines my destination.

In a day and age where society has taught us to blame everyone else for why life hasn’t turned out the way we wanted to, Andy Stanley gives you a good kick-in-the-pants to take personal responsibility for how your decisions affect your destination.  Be warned! You will wrestle some emotions and morn some unmet dreams as you read this book, but in the end you will close the backcover encouraged and empowered to make some decisions that impact your direction and ultimately your destination.

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  • Ladybird May 12, 2009  

    That sounds like a kick-in-the-pants that I need! I need to go pick up a copy!

  • lindseyreadenobles May 12, 2009  

    Adding this one to my list.

  • Sarnaa May 16, 2009  

    Great review. I’ve read all of Andy’s leadership books, but none of the others. This book falls in the “others” category. But this is definitely a book that I would love to read based on your review.

    I need that “kick in the pants”. Thanks.

    Waiting for your review of The Hole in Our Gospel, although Gail and Michael Hyatt have been doing a pretty good job spreading the word.