My New Little Girl


Meet Venkatamma.  She’s 3 and she lives in India.

Isn’t she precious?  I love the red ribbons in her hair and the bracelets on her arms.  I love how properly she’s standing and how she’s nervously gripping her shorts.  I love her big wide eyes.

Today I became her sponsor and I can’t wait to get to know her better.  I can’t wait to hear how a small sacrifice of $32/month for me will create immenous opportunities for her.


I’m so excited to be your sponsor.  You are an amazing and beautiful little girl!  I know God has big dreams for your life and I hope that I can be even a small part of that.  This is what I’m praying for you…

… that you experience love and joy every day

… that you do well in pre-school and develop a love for learning

… that you have moments to enjoy playing with your dolls and your friends

… that you stay healthy and strong

… that you learn about God and give your life to him soon

… that you know that you are loved and thought of every day by a busy, self-absorbed woman who is finding her heart already softened and changed because of you.

Your new friend,


Cross Point – you’ll have a chance to sponsor a child through Compassion tomorrow at both of our campuses.

For all the rest of you – go here and sponsor a child of your own.

We CAN make a difference… one life at a time!

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  • Trevor DeVage May 16, 2009  

    She is beautiful…I hope you get to meet her one day. She has your eyes 😉

  • Jessica May 16, 2009  

    So awesome! I’m so inspired!! ♥

  • brandiandboys May 16, 2009  

    You did it!!! Yay! I’m so excited for you and you’re right, she’s precious!

  • lisapbjcreations May 16, 2009  

    Congrats ! She is beautiful 🙂

  • Joseph May 16, 2009  

    Wicked cool…

  • Rachel May 17, 2009  

    Precious! If you need advice on what to send or say to a 3 yr old girl, I’ve got your living example here. Love that Venka is a girly-girl like you.

  • Dad May 17, 2009  

    Congrats Jenni, i know you have been searching for the right situation for a time now. Looks like you made a great choice, she is beautiful. i hope this brings great joy to you and Venka.

  • Janice May 18, 2009  

    She is absolutely adorable! Yea! I get to be a grandmother afterall! I’ll certainly keep her in my prayers along with you and Merlyn. She couldn’t have a better sponsor.

    Congratulations to Merlyn and the team, too! Awesome!

  • kinSpired May 18, 2009  

    your letter to her…tore me up.

    i know this isnt about you, jenni…but dang, i love ya.

    and your new little girl…she is certainly blessed!

  • tam May 18, 2009  

    um. the above comment…isnt from my son, kota (kinSpired) he was logged in on my puter. its from me!


  • May 19, 2009  

    You just inspired me to write a letter to the little boy we sponser through Compassion. These children melt my heart!

  • Jewel June 1, 2009  

    Jenni, i want to scoop her up and hug her for sooo long!! She is absolutely adorable 🙂 Praying your sponsorship CHANGES her life…and that she meets Jaeson in Honduras (the little boy we sponsored!) 😉

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