Weekend Highlights

It’s been a very busy weekend of wedding festivities.  My youngest sister Donna was married off to a wonderful guy named Matt on Saturday.

Here are a few pics from the wedding and then some highlights from the rest of the weekend.  I’ve been enjoying some of the novelties of the great north!

Other things I’ve been up to:

  • Visiting with a lot of our extended family
  • Running, walking, biking in the beautiful, but slightly cool weather
  • Grilling out with the family and eating a good old Wisconsin brat
  • Laughing at the northern accents of everyone while they laugh at some of my southern-isms
  • Playing swing ball and corn hole (Ben & Brad – I’m improving!)
  • Sitting by a bonfire in Dad’s back yard talking, laughing and reminiscing
  • Working on editing the behind-the-scenes video highlights of the wedding (there is footage of my 29 year old cousin Brad dancing to NSync “Bye Bye Bye” – priceless!)

It’s been a great weekend with family and a much needed break!

Hope you have enjoyed this Memorial Day weekend too!

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  • SERIOUSLY….you and Merlyn are the CUTEST COUPLE EVER!!

  • Janice May 26, 2009  

    I absolutely agree with OCD-ism! You look gorgeous! I want a picture 🙂

  • pete wilson May 27, 2009  

    Everyone looks great!