70+ and Still Serving Strong!

This weekend while I was at home, I got to spend an afternoon with my Nanny & PaPa.  Nan & Pops (as we tend to shorten their names) are both in their 70’s.  Pops is 77 and Nan is 72 and both of them commit as much as 30 hours a week to a local food pantry that their church started 10 years ago.  I took the opportunity to interview them to learn more about what they do and their heart for serving in this way.

Nan & Pops have always been extremely generous and their generous hearts only seem to have grown through the years.  They truly give their lives to serving over 400 families in need in their community each month.  I’m so proud!


I hope I have half the heart that they have when I’m their age!

What character traits do you hope to glean from your parents or grandparents?

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  • brandiandboys May 28, 2009  

    that’s awesome… i love when people serve where they’re passionate!

    welcome home!!

  • Janice May 28, 2009  

    Thanks, Jenni. I have always thought so much of your grandparents and miss their trips through Nashville to Florida. It is such an inspiration to see how they continue to serve the Lord when many would use age as an excuse. I think my sense of humor and compassion for the “underdog” was passed on from my family.

    Glad you’re home safe!

  • Jessica May 28, 2009  

    how ya gonna cut me out of the video? ha ha JK I love that you got this. we need more of them!!!!

  • susannah parrish May 28, 2009  

    WONDERFUL! so great to know that they do that…and how passionately they do it…they don’t care about any recognition for it, they just want to help those who need it! GREAT POST, jc! 🙂

  • Marla Saunders May 28, 2009  

    Really sweet Jenni. Here’s what I noticed:

    1. I love their relationship. They finish each other’s sentences, they know what direction they are headed in the conversation.
    2. Obviously they are passionate about the pantry, but they seemed uncomfortable having the spotlight turned on them. They were happiest telling stories. Perfect attitude toward ministry!
    3. I was already pondering their legacy in having an organized Executive Director for a granddaughter. A little bit of heritage.
    4. What a model of selfless giving of time!

    I wanna be like Nan and Pops when I get to that stage of life!! They are spending their lives for something that matters.

  • Jenni Catron May 28, 2009  

    @Marla – you are so right, they weren’t comfortable being interviewed yet are so passionate about it. Yes, they finish each others’ sentences and actually do a lot of talking over each other 🙂

  • lisapbjcreations May 29, 2009  

    They are just precious, what wonderful servant hearts they have ! What an inspiration 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • Pastor Danny Pyeatt May 31, 2009  

    Jenni, I am so very proud of your grandparents. My wife, Carla and I came to Antigo in November 2008 and we were “blown away” by the work of Operation Compassion. I now refer to this ministry as the “O.C. Team” Your grandparents spend endless hours at the pantry. Every day when I am in the office and I see through the window your grandpa coming in to have a “chat” we have some wonderful talks. Sometimes we talk too much and he says, “I have to get back or I might get fired.” I am very appreciative of the tribute I just saw about your grandparents and the O.C. Team. Keep praying for us we would like and need to expand very soon. God Bless

  • Heidi June 3, 2009  

    I used this again at a volunteer meeting last night.

    This couple show nothingless of serving God fiercely.
    They are so passionate about it. If I could have that ounce of energy at 77 & 72 then God would bless me and He has them.

    Great interview… Love that they talk over each other… true love.

  • Mom June 6, 2009  

    Thanks for sharing this. I am so thankful that you girls appreciate and respect your Nanny and Papa. They truly are two wonderful people with huge hearts and I love them both very much.