A Crazy Fan and the Power of Focus


If you watched the French Open Men’s Final yesterday, you likely saw the crazy fan that leaped over the stands and onto the courts to taunt Roger Federer.  As a spectator it’s easy to watch that, kind of chuckle and then cheer as security tackled him and hauled him off the court.  But I couldn’t help but put myself in Roger’s shoes.  Here I am playing the match of my life and some lunatic springs out on the court after me.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not so sure I would have acted so cool, and collected myself so quickly.

The Power of Focusit’s what separates the winners from the losers, the good from the great.  Focus can make or break you.

This little episode from yesterday’s match reminded me of how easily I get distracted by the taunts, the criticism, the temptations and the distractions in my life.  There are so many things that are vying to pull me away from the calling and mission God has given me.  How am I reacting to these distractions?  Can I shake it off and refocus on “my game” or do I throw in the towel and give up the match?

How about you?  What’s distracting you from your calling or purpose?

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  • Sarnaa June 8, 2009  

    I have the same issue with focus. For me, although this might sound crazy, is all the voices. The voices of people in my circle. From hero’s to neighbor’s. Often it comes from media channels and requires me to log off if I want to be focused. So, I log off and get to work.

    The greatest advancements in my work come when I decide to “logoff”.

    The other, is of course, detours. Those “also” projects. “I can do that too” type stuff. Which often takes focus off of our primary work. I haven’t really figured out the remedy for mission A.D.D. Sometimes, this doesn’t always work, is just decided not to detour.

  • Erik June 8, 2009  

    Wow! I love how that first guy came over and just put a HUGE ‘linebacker style’ tackle on that crazy idiot running on the court. Anyhow, I really wish Federer would have won his record tying 14th Grand Slam title against Nadal, but in any case, he finally won his elusive French Open title. In my humble opinion, Federer is the best of all-time.

  • Jenni Catron June 8, 2009  

    I’m with you @Erik, I think Federer is the best of all-time. Can’t wait to see what he does at Wimbledon this year!

  • pete wilson June 8, 2009  

    Great post. I tell myself about 20 times a day, “focus, Pete…focus.”