"Dream Big, Take Action"

This morning I participated in Ellie’s Run for Africa, a cross-country 5K race to raise money for families and children in Africa.  The founder, Ellie, birthed this dream at the young age of 10.  It’s inspiring to watch the impact she is making!

This morning Ellie prayed for us and cheered us on as we ran.  I couldn’t help but be moved by the compassion and leadership of this young girl!


(This video is a couple of years old but it gives you a chance to hear Ellie’s heart and dream for Africa.)

The motto of Ellie’s Run is “Dream Big, Take Action.”

What dream has God given you?  It’s time to take action!

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  • Jessica June 13, 2009  

    Glad we got to do it together!

  • Jenni Catron June 13, 2009  

    Me too, sis! We need to do more of these!

  • Lisa June 14, 2009  

    Ellie is in Benjamin’s class at school. I had her as a 2-year old in my class while her Mom attended a Bible Study. My sister assisted me, and we said even then, “Ellie will be president of the US one day!” She was totally in control of that group, did her own thing in her own time….it was hysterical. And look what has happened! Glad you got to run in her race. Barbara, her Mom, is a friend of mine, and they are a precious family!

  • Rachel June 15, 2009  

    Thank you so much for being there!