Sunday Highlights

I started my day off at our Dickson Campus today.  Kevin Cook, our Cross Point North Campus Pastor, joined me for the morning.  Kevin will be a leading a team of Cross Pointers who will launch our North campus in the Goodlettsville area this September.  In the meantime, Kevin is working with the rest of our staff to learn the ropes and prepare for this new campus.  Today we observed set up, rehearsal, two services, all the ministry environments and tear down at the Dickson campus to help Kevin get a taste of what goes into creating Cross Point environments in temporary locations.

BTW – If you are interested in being a part of helping to launch our North Campus, you can email Kevin at

Then tonight I headed back to our Nashville Campus for our 6 PM service to be worship assistant for the evening.  Pete and his family were headed out of town for the week so we played the video of the message.

And of course the thing that I fear the most for our video campuses happened at the Nashville campus – the video message locked up about 10 minutes into Pete’s message. In that moment, me and the team had to make some quick decisions.  I hurried to the stage to ask people to graciously give us a minute while the media team tried to get the video back up and running.  As I watched the minutes tick by – which felt like eternity! – I was praying for God to give me wisdom to know what to do if we couldn’t get the video rolling.  (Ironically Pete’s message was about the question “Does Prayer Change Things?”  I was praying that it does.) After an agonizing delay, we did get the video going and people were truly impacted by this powerful message.  Needless to say I was so distracted that I didn’t get good notes, so you’ll need to go check it out online this week. 🙂

Have you ever had a leadership moment that required you to think quick on your feet?

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One comment

  • Heidi June 16, 2009  

    Yes this past weekend.

    I am still trying to figure out how to do ministry in two locations. As the Impress director (first impressions) I had both campuses not have volunteers show up. One with a full service cafe. So running was in order. (I am seeking out wisdom for this)

    I don’t even remember much was said from our video service. Unfortunately Francis Chan was preaching (one prayer) and I MISSED it all… ugh!!