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Today at Cross Point Nashville we continued our new series with a great message about the life of Jonathan from Justin Davis.  This one is loaded with some great nuggets to get you thinking!

  • God gives us moments of potential to make an eternal difference every day.
  • In our hearts we have a desire to have an adventure with God.
  • Many of us have reduced the Christian life to a list of what we can’t do, rather than living life with a vision of doing something great for God.
  • Recapture the vision God has for your life.
  • 1 Samuel 14:1-14
  • Saul failed the first time he tried to defeat the Philistines, and was paralyzed by that failure.  Jonathan was willing to die failing, if it meant fulfilling God’s purpose.
  • Saul recognized that he failed to fulfill God’s purpose in that moment and he thought that God’s purpose wouldn’t be fulfilled because he failed.
  • At some point you’ve likely felt like God’s moment had passed you by because life didn’t turn out like you expected.  In your heart you’ve resigned yourself to the idea that God must be done with you.
  • You’re failures don’t disqualify you.
  • Saul already knew God would show up, but acted as if He wouldn’t.  Jonathan had no idea if God would show up, but acted as if he would.
  • We want guarantees from God.  God offers no guarantees.
  • To squeeze the potential out of these moments, we have to be comfortable with uncertainty.
  • Saul was surrounded by a large crowd, but hadn’t won the heart of any of them.  Jonathan wasn’t noticed by the crowd, but his armor bearer was devoted heart and soul.
  • Are you fighting for the heart of your loved one?  Someone is.
  • When God gives us divine moments, we need people with us because we have won their hearts; people who are with us heart and soul.
  • Saul didn’t think 600 men had a chance in defeating the Philistines.  Jonathan knew nothing could hinder the Lord from saving, by many or by few.
  • Large things often occur after small steps are taken.
  • So often the moments God gives us to make a difference in the world are not large
  • Step out, charge the hill and see if God doesn’t show up
  • Who is one person to whom you need to say, “I’m with you, heart and soul!”
  • This could be your moment!  History could be changed because you have chosen to say ‘God, I’m with you heart & soul!”

What “heart & soul” decision do you need to make today?

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  • brent(inWorship) July 12, 2009  

    Wow! There’s some great stuff there.

    I love the comparison between Jonathan and Saul…

    “Saul already knew God would show up, but acted as if He wouldn’t. Jonathan had no idea if God would show up, but acted as if he would.”

    I definitely play saul way too often. I find myself assuming God’s presence, but not living in His mysterious power.

    Crosspoint, and more importantly God’s Kingdom is privileged to have Justin!

  • mandythompson July 15, 2009  

    God offers no guarantees. whew. That’s it right there…