Sunday Highlights – Jon Acuff


Today we had the privilege to hear from Jon Acuff at the Nashville Campus.  If you’ve never heard of Jon, you need to go check out his blog StuffChristiansLike.Net.

In the meantime, here’s my notes from his message.

Adam & Three Questions – Jon Acuff

We need to evaluate the lies in our lives.

Adam was the first person who heard a lie.

1) What did Adam believe?

He believed God wasn’t enough.

When we don’t trust God to tell our stories, we take control.  We exaggerate our stories.  (Exaggerate is another word for lie.)

God’s ability to tell a story is so much bigger/greater than ours.

2) What did he do when he knew it was a lie?

He hid.

He and Eve tried to fix it.  They created clothing to hide, to cover their shame.

Christian “f” word – fine.  We hide what’s really going on in our lives.  We create our own version of making clothes to cover ourselves.

Mark 2:17

3) What does God say in response?

God leans in and asks “Who told you you were naked?” “Who told you I wasn’t enough?”

Isaiah 61:10

Believe in an unbelievable truth – the Gospel.

Be sick. Be loved.

Be there with your regrets, your mistakes.  Be real.

And when you are, you will be loved.


Honestly my notes don’t do his message justice.  It’s hard to capture and translate Jon’s humor and delivery.  You’ll need to go  listen online tomorrow to the podcast to get the fun stuff like Booty-God-Booty and Mustard-flavored Ice Cream. 🙂

But tell me this: what lie are you listening/believing in your life?  What is God really trying to say to you?

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One comment

  • Andy Borgmann July 19, 2009  

    I talked with Jon on the phone about a year and a half ago and I have to say he was/is a very smart and insightful guy. I love his site as it points out so many of the absurdities we have within the body of Christ. Great sense of humor!