Ideation Experience Day 2


It was another great day at the Ideation Experience.  Not only am I learning to develop my idea and how to pitch it, I’m getting great insight into how to effectively lead these types of brainstorming sessions for our team at Cross Point.  John Handy’s brilliant!

My notes from today:

It’s important to play.  It releases you to be more optimistic.

Everybody is creative but not everybody innovates.

Process to brainstorming:

  1. A call to adventure
  2. Inspiration
  3. Success factors
  4. Ideation
  5. Evaluation
  6. Presentation
  7. Implementation

The Rules of Brainstorming:

  • Ideate fully before you evaluate
  • Capture all the ideas
  • Build on other peoples ideas
  • Combine thoughts in unexpected ways
  • Thing BIG
  • Don’t ask “why” ask “why not?”
  • Not “yeah but…” say “yes and…”
  • Everybody participates

Elevator Pitches:

A one minute, enticing, high-level introduction to what you are selling/proposing.

Elements of an effective elevator pitch are:

  • The hook
  • Present the problem or opportunity
  • Elegant, bold clearly stated solution
  • Ask for action

This experience was the first time I’ve ever given an elevator pitch.  I’ll share it with you soon.

Have you ever given an elevator pitch?  Tell us about it!

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  • Christopher Hopper July 21, 2009  

    I am so stealing these notes! Thanks for taking the time to post! ch:

  • Linnae Hoppe July 22, 2009  

    Can’t wait to hear how it went! Have fun on your trip!

  • Bill Donahue July 22, 2009  

    nice catch –might reference in a consult I have with a team of emerging ch ldrs in Chicago Aug 3 — for elevator pitch I sometimes add: “and here’s what would happen if we do not do this now” urgency is key

  • jeff henderson July 22, 2009  

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Jenni. Great stuff.