Sunday Highlights – Vegas Style

I’ve been in Las Vegas for the last several days with my husband and Pete & Brandi.  We had the privilege to get some time to connect with Jud & Lori Wilhite and to see the amazing impact they are making at Central in Vegas.

Here’s some of what I observed from our time with them:

  • Jud & Lori are real, honest and passionate people
  • The entire Central team is committed to reaching their city and really understand the unique calling they have
  • Lori is an amazing host!
  • Jud is a brilliant leader!
  • Central has a big vision and are creative with their resources to carry out their vision
  • Every staff person we met was eager to answer questions and help us in any way

It was an honor to hang out with these guys!

And here are my notes from Jud’s message yesterday.  He’s in a series on Jonah – great stuff!

Jud Wilhite – Overboard “Fish Tales

Jonah 1:17

What do you do when you find yourself in the belly of the whale/when you’re in a hopeless place?

1) Cry out to God for help

  • Jonah 2:1,5-7,10
  • Don’t forget what God has shown you in the light when you’re in the dark.
  • God should not be our last resort.  Crying out to God should be the first thing we do.

2) Follow God’s will

  • Jonah 3:1-3
  • Follow God in the things he’s revealed clearly.
  • Don’t become paralyzed by the things that are unclear.

Questions to consider:

  • Am I putting God’s desire ahead of my own?
  • How does this action relate to my personal involvement in fulfilling the great commission?
  • Will it help me to lead a more holy life?
  • Can I be thankful whatever the results?

3) Experience peace with God

  • Jonah 3:10
  • Matthew 12:39-40


We had a great time in Vegas.  I have lots more to share including our tour of Zappos and climbing Turtlehead Peak… more to come later this week!

What did you do this weekend?

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  • Elaine July 27, 2009  

    I love your Sunday recaps. My husband and I attend Crosspoint when we can, usually on Sunday nights. We actually officially go and serve at another church in town. We joke that we cheat on that church with Crosspoint. We’re thinking (and praying) about officially making the switch though.

  • Lori Wilhite July 27, 2009  

    So glad that you guys came out! We had a blast!

  • Jenni Catron July 27, 2009  

    Elaine – so glad to hear you read my Sunday highlights. We’re glad to have you whenever you can come 🙂