More Adventures with SammyMac

Meet SammyMac.


He’s my nephew.  Pretty cute & sweet looking, huh?  Well he is cute and sweet and… mischievous.

Sammy has been here just two days.  So far he has stolen and eaten:

My slippers
My shoes
Merlyn’s batting glove
My breakfast one morning
My dinner last night
(I must admit he’s pretty clever with this.  He’ll go get something he’s not supposed to have to distract me and while I’m putting that item away he steals my food.)

And then there’s this:


Let’s just say yesterday wasn’t a good day for Sammy 🙁

What’s the most expensive thing your dog has destroyed?

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  • senordinger July 29, 2009  

    The most expensive thing he ate of mine is the $3 flip flop from Old Navy. When he misbehaves go tap the top of his crate like you want him to go into it. After that he will be an angel for at least 10 mins.

  • lindseyreadenobles July 29, 2009  

    Oh my! What a handful. How long will he be with you a week? Good luck with that. I bet it is completely stressing @jesesch out.

  • James Taylor July 29, 2009  

    Pay day,8 years ago, on a friday evening. I had laid my clothes out on my bed along with my wallet. I jumped in the shower, only to come out and see my Lab “Gohan” chewing up 8 $100 bills. Needless to say, I stayed in on that friday night.

  • paulaswift July 29, 2009  

    An $1,100 piece of furniture!

  • Heidi July 29, 2009  


  • Jenni Catron July 29, 2009  

    Ok, Sammy’s not looking so bad!

    For the record… I still can’t help but love this little buddy. I’m a sucker for his sweet face.

  • Jessica July 29, 2009  

    im glad you can still love him through all this, guess its because you had to deal with me as a kid too 😉 lets see my list is up too….

    a camera and the charger
    bout $300 in shoes
    my laptop charger cord and about 6 keys
    3 bras
    2 sets of slippers
    down comforter
    4 books
    2 ear buds for my i pods
    the bottom of my box spring
    thats all i can think of right now besides minor stuff like pens :0
    but oh thank god he has never eaten 800$ cash!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel August 7, 2009  

    Sammy ate Palmer’s bed… I was cooking and Sammy brought me a huge piece of foam – kinda like he was proud and bringing me a present. Good thing Palmer never really slept in his bed and Sammy is cute…