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Here are my notes from the first message of our DNA series:

DNA: Devoting – Pete Wilson

My fear for Cross Point is that we’ll begin to rely on things that have nothing to do with the vision God has given us.

Acts 2:42-47 – the early believers were radically devoted to Christ, irrevocably committed to one another & they were relentlessly dedicated to reaching the lost

The early church did not turn inward.  They kept their eyes on reaching others.

Do you even know what DNA is?  (I’ll let you listen online to Pete trying to explain this for you 🙂 )

99.9% of our DNA is the same.  That .1% is the difference in what makes us unique.

Most churches look the same, but that slight difference is what makes our DNA unique.  Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to talk about the unique DNA of Cross Point.

Cross Point’s vision statement encompasses 3 things:

  1. Radically devoted to Christ (discipleship)
  2. Irrevocably committed to one another (community)
  3. Relentlessly dedicated to reaching the lost (evangelism)

What does it look like to be radically devoted to Christ and how do we do that?

In our culture we tend to equate spiritual growth with spiritual knowledge.

As Christians we have a tendency to sit around and talk about what we should be doing, but we’re not getting out there and doing it.

John 13:35

Matthew 22:36-40 – Love God, love people.

Spiritual maturity is measured in relationships.  Relationship with God and relationships with other people.

The American church is experiencing a crisis of transformation.  People are going to church but they are not looking more Christ-like.

John 15:4-5

You’ve got to own your spiritual life.  No one else can do this for you.

3 steps to spiritual formation:

Vision – get a vision for what God wants you to be/do

Intention – make a decision that you want Christ formed in you more than anything this world has to offer

Method – creating a rhythm of life that includes prayer, solitude, serving, etc.

We have reduced Christianity down to a belief system.  It’s more than that – it’s a way of life.

You weren’t just saved from something.  Your were saved to something.  You were saved to a way of life.


Stay tuned for the rest of the DNA series.  I love getting back to the heart of who we are as a church – so exciting!

Cross Pointers – what do you think is unique about our DNA?

Everyone Else – what’s unique about your church’s DNA?

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  • lindseyreadenobles August 17, 2009  

    One thing I have really appreciated about Cross Point is that I feel like it is an authentic environment where you feel loved even with all your ugly flaws. At the same time, there seems to be a constant focus on transformation and growth in spiritual maturity. The balance between the two is very refreshing.