Friday Fun

It’s been a LONG time since I did a Friday Fun post.  Here’s what’s happening:

  • Going to breakfast with my husband to work on our plans for the England/Ireland trip (thanks for all your input!)
  • Working on my content for The NINES Conference.  Have you registered yet?  It’s FREE!!
  • Stupidly tried one of the Baywatch workouts on Exercise TV.  Baywatch – no further explanation needed!  Did you catch the word “stupid”?
  • Continuing to read Fearless by Max Lucado – review coming Sept 8th
  • Dinner with my wonderful sis tonight!  I feel like I never see her these days with her new job.
  • Doing some homework on moving my blog to be self-hosted and doing a redesign.  We’ll see how that goes 🙂
  • Will work in some tennis, both playing and watching the Western & Southern Masters

How’s your weekend shaping up?

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  • bobbygee August 21, 2009  

    Max Lucado is great. I receive his weekly email. It is great.
    Go Eagles.

  • Jessica August 21, 2009  

    Love you cant wait to see you also!!!

  • jan owen August 21, 2009  

    well i’ve worked all day today and have a big team meeting tonight. so i’ll rest after that. 🙂 Phil is coming home late tonight so we’re going to go do something fun tomorrow.

  • Jason August 21, 2009  

    I’m going through Fearless for a review as well. This book is going to be huge when it hits the streets.

    As for the weekend, I’m just hoping it’s better than the preceding week. 🙂

  • Rindy Walton August 22, 2009  

    the Western & Southern Masters is right down the road! It’s great having such a big tourney right here! And about the baywatch workouts…LOL

  • Heidi August 22, 2009  

    Working on a volunteer program for our church.

    Definately laundry.

    Looking for some new leaderships books to dive into.

    Finishing up my photo journey of my beach time for my blog, changing that up a bit.

    Moving my NEW couch up 3 flights of stairs.

    A run I hope.(it’s raining)