More Trip Pictures – Ireland!

It’s been a crazy week trying to catch back up.  Here are some pictures from our first couple of days in Ireland.  Simply stunning!

1) Our room at Abbey Glen Castle – staying a night in a castle was one of my “bucket list” items.  I was a princess for a night!

2) The outside of the castle

3) The coastline near where we stayed complete with grazing cows – interesting thing about Ireland cows… most of the time they are laying down

4) Coastline featuring one of the very narrow roads we drove on

5) Just one of the many castle ruins we saw

6) One of our new friends

7) They slowed us down quite often

8 ) Very cool cemeteries were everywhere

9-12) The Cliffs of Moor – this place was amazing!  We walked the edge of those cliffs for nearly a mile

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  • lindseyreadenobles October 2, 2009  

    Is the sheep bleeding? What’s up with the red on his wool?

  • jan owen October 2, 2009  

    beautiful jenni! thanks for sharing!

  • holly October 3, 2009  

    So beautiful!!! I can’t wait to do this one day! So glad you had such a wonderful time – you deserve it!