Catalyst Day 1

I’m finally back at the hotel after a very long, but great day at Catalyst.  In case you are not familiar, Catalyst is a leadership conference designed for next generation church leaders.  Over 12,000 of us are gathered in Atlanta for this two day, leadership powerhouse.

I have more notes than I could possibly share, so here are my key takeaways from the day:

General thoughts:

  • I’m so excited to be here with most of the Cross Point staff.  I am so fulfilled when I see our team able to disconnect from their daily routine and engage in worship like they did today.
  • Catalyst never ceases to amaze me, inspire me and encourage me.  Church leaders need this dose of rejuvenation even more than we realize.

Session 1 – Andy Stanley, Lead Pastor, North Point Community Church

  • Leaders always leave a mark.  What kind of mark are you going to leave?  You won’t know what mark you’ve left until long after you’ve left it.
  • It’s about being perfectly placed for God to make His mark through you.
  • You need to settle why you do what you do and who you do it for.

Session 2 Part 1- Jessica Jackley – Founder of KIVA, the world’s first peer-to-peer online microlending website.  I’ll be checking this site out and getting involved!

Session 2 Part 2 – Malclom Gladwell, Best-Selling Author

  • Incompetence irritates me and overconfidence scares me
  • When we’re trapped by our overconfidence, the world around us can change and we never know it.
  • In times of crisis we need humility from our leaders.

Session 3 Part 1 – Shane Hipps, Pastor and Former Ad Executive for Porsche

  • Christianity is fundamentally a communication event.
  • God needs a whole lot more gardeners (people motivated by love) and a lot less guards (people motivated by fear)

Session 3 Part 2 – Rob Bell, Founding Pastor, Mars Hill Bible Church

  • When you obey God you won’t want anyone else’s life.
  • God wants to set you free from the deep, abiding anxiety that you haven’t achieved enough.  He wants to set you free to enjoy the work you have.
  • Your home and work/church life are inextricably linked.  If one is not going well, neither is the other.

Session 4 – Tony Dungy, Best-Selling Author, Future Hall of Fame NFL Coach

  • A lot of football talk in this one that I couldn’t keep up with, but what I took away was how foundational Tony’s faith has been throughout his life – truly inspiring to hear him talk about his love for God, his wife and his kids!

Session 5 – Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church

  • It is a lack of gratitude and sin for you to want to be something other than who you are.
  • God is doing what He said He would do and He’s invited you to be a part!

Session 6 – Francis Chan, Pastor, Cornerstone Church

  • When I’m intolerant it’s because I’m not soaking in the grace of God and therefore I’m not extending the grace of God to others.

We closed the evening with communion while Aaron Keyes lead us in worship.  A great day!

If you’re at Catalyst, what was your biggest takeaway from today?

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One comment

  • Marla Saunders October 8, 2009  

    I don’t know if this is a take-away or just the high point of the day for me, but the moments when the musicians dropped out and the crowd sang on were just spine tingling. Come thou Fount, early in the day, and How Great Thou Art later on. Aaron Keyes and Francis Chan just blew me away as a team. Took me to a whole new level.