My Dangerous "Wonder Woman" Ego


I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 years old when I first watched Wonder Woman on TV, but I remember specifically thinking…

“She is awesome”

“I want to be her”

“She’s so strong”

“She’s so pretty”

Somehow she became my super hero.

I even sported Wonder Woman Underoos until I could no longer fit in them. (Don’t judge, I know you had your favorite super hero Underoos too!)

Known for her super human strength, speed, reflexes, stamina and durability, Wonder Woman became an icon in my fragile little 3 year old psyche.  Little did I realize how much that subtle influence would frame the expectations I’ve put on myself now as an adult.

I can’t really blame Wonder Woman entirely.  I’ve spent most of my life admiring strong, confident, accomplished woman and somewhere in all of that I’ve created a mountain of expectations for myself that I doubt even a super hero could tackle.

As a leader I’m learning that I can not be Wonder Woman.

I can not be   strong enough,   smart enough,   tough enough,   gentle enough,   kind enough,   eloquent enough,   educated enough,   patient enough,   fill-in-the-blank enough.

But too many times I’ve pridefully tried to be all of those things, leaning into my own strength, and attempting to do the impossible just to prove that I’m that good.

Ouch, what a dangerous place.

So, I’m attempting to put my cape down… to find confidence in the gifts, talents, strengths and limitations that make me who God made me… to rest in His strength, speed and stamina… and to turn my super hero worship toward a great Wonder(ful) God!

How about you?  Do you have any “capes” to put down?

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  • anne jackson October 20, 2009  

    praying for you friend!

  • jan owen October 20, 2009  

    Jenni, i have been at this place. oh, it’s a battle constantly to not run back to it! the truth is NOBODY is perfect or good in every way. and while i admire your faithfulness and desire to grow and be all you can be, learn a moment from my mistakes as an older woman in ministry. 🙂 I had to realize that when i tried to do and be it all, i left no room for God. He did not need me to be the savior – that is already HIS job! learning this was painful for me, but there was a sweet relief in laying down those crazed expectations and just being ME, the me God has created me to be.

    It took me years to learn this but I now pass it on to you: Don’t kill yourself trying to do something God has not called you to do.

    He loves you just as you are. And so do we. You are precious.

  • Jessica October 20, 2009  

    “So, I’m attempting to put my cape down… to find confidence in the gifts, talents, strengths and limitations that make me who God made me… to rest in His strength, speed and stamina… and to turn my super hero worship toward a great Wonder(ful) God!”

    You said it right here!! Read this everyday! You are the best and I know you dont know it But you have been my SUPER Wonder WOMEN in so many ways. Love you!

  • Ron Edmondson October 21, 2009  

    I’m older, so I remember this picture well…and I also remember….

    I thought she was pretty!

  • lisa October 21, 2009  

    I had those very same underoos !

    I always get caught up in trying to do everything the best. Struggle with this one, moment to moment.

    Just trying to be the best at what God gifted me with and let those around me who are better at all those other things I’m not so great at is the perfect way to lift others up and please God. 🙂

  • chrystiecole October 21, 2009  

    Totally have to put down my wonder woman cape. It is a daily struggle. I am constantly trying to be “enough” and it always leaves me exhausted! A friend of mine told me many years ago that the best I would ever be is human. Maybe one day, I will truly put down the cape. Thanks for the reminder and for showing me I am not alone in this “enough” mentality!

  • Lindsey October 21, 2009  

    Great post. From the outside you kind of appear like Wonder Woman. It had to be said.

    But I know that you are reliant on someone much greater than yourself. That shines through too.

  • Faye October 21, 2009  

    I’m older, so I didn’t have the underoos. I was too old for ’em.

    I had a friend ask me last week if I ever do any down time — this was while I was volunteering at a booth at a concert after a day of work and ministry and planned the next day of work and ministry.

    I told him yeah, about 6 hours every night. The look I got wasn’t one of laughter and it made me think that I do push myself beyond my capabilities a lot. Then I find myself sick or so tired I can’t be nice and I crash. Hard.

    I think I shall take another’s advice and read these words daily. Right along with Galatians 1:10. Thanks, Jenni.

  • Melody October 21, 2009  

    Great post! I wanted to be wonder woman, too so many times… and had the very outfit she’s sporting above for halloween and the underoos, too! I think sometimes I still try to be like her – wanting to be called “wonder woman” – never saying “no” to anyone that asks me to do anything…or feeling so bad that I might have to say “no” that I find myself trying to rearrange my schhedule just to help somebody else out… it’s very difficult to be the best at everything – and I’ve learned that I’m not “strong enough, smart enough, tough enough, gentle enough, kind enough, eloquent enough, educated enough, or patient enough”…and most of the time I’m not pleasing God. thanks for the post – I need to learn to please Him and not everyone else.

  • Jenni Catron October 21, 2009  

    Thank you all for joining the discussion.

    @Anne – thanks for your prayers
    @Jan – thanks for your wisdom
    @Jessica – if I’m your Wonder Woman, you’re my Shera – Princess of Power 🙂
    @Ron – no comment
    @Lisa – the Underoos were the best!
    @Chrystie – enough is enough, huh?
    @Lindsey – thanks for your kind words
    @Faye – slow down girl! Your energy is amazing!
    @Melody – please tell me you have a picture with the halloween costume?!; seriously, love your generous heart

  • Heidi October 22, 2009  

    I am alot older and saw her in prime time along with the Bionic woman.

    I always dealt with the fact why do women always have to be bionic or super to be something or noticed?

    You hit the nail on the head Jenni “to find confidence in the gifts, talents, strengths and limitations that make me who God made me…”

    With our God made gifts… We are already bionic or Super.

    But that wasn’t the question huh? hmm. I need to lay down that I need to accomplish it by myself. Hard

  • Britt Trotman October 22, 2009  

    It’s so hard not to have an impossible standard for our lives…I think it’s expected out of everyone.

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