Sunday Highlights – Faith, Hope & Love (week 2)


This is such a powerful series!  Not only is it a huge season of faith and growth for us as a church, but how God is working in individual lives is amazing!

Here are my notes from Pete‘s message today:

Faith is not just a belief in a statement, it’s trust in a person.

Without trust and faith, your relationship won’t go to the next level.  This is not only true in your relationships with others, it’s also true in your relationship with God.

Genesis 1:

Genesis 16:1-3

Abraham starts to manipulate the situation.

The devil only has one lie, and that is to cast critical doubt on God’s character.

It’s not happening the way Abraham thought it should happen, so he starts to take control.

Abraham assumes he knows what God thinks.  We get in all kinds of trouble when we assume that God thinks and works the way we do.

What do you do in your life when God isn’t moving fast enough for you?

What do you do when your dreams aren’t happening the way you thought they would happen?  It doesn’t mean your life is out of control.  It means you’re not in control.

Control is the greatest of all allusions that you’ll face in your life.

Obedience is the key.  Miracles always happen on the other side of obedience.

Genesis 22:1-2

Abraham comes to a wall – God is asking him to sacrifice his only son who is the fulfillment of a promise that greatly impacts the future God promised.

The wall represents when our will and God’s will collide.  Our ability to handle our lives is over.  We start to question ourselves.  We start to question God.

At the wall, you have more questions than answers.  The very foundation of your faith feels like it’s slipping away.

God loves you enough to strip you of anything that keeps you from Him.

The wall is the place where we need to relinquish anything that we cling to for identity. (work, religion, dreams, need for control, desire for approval)

Abraham doesn’t argue.  He obeys.

Abraham finds a way to remember “God is with us.”  He builds altars to remind himself that he can trust God.

History tells us God does not forget His people and He’s not going to start with you.  God is faithful.

Abraham created altars to mark moments where God was faithful.  What are the trigger points/moments in your life that remind you what God has done?  You have to have these moments to remind you so you won’t give up in the tough times.  What altars are you creating in your life to mark those moments where God was faithful?

God is big enough that we can trust Him.  God is faithful.

Genesis 22:9-12

Some of us refuse to go further because we can’t see the way. (from Thomas Merton quote)

You will get to a place – you will get to a wall – where God is trying to get you to the place where you surrender your plans for His plans.  Will you remember that God is who He says He is?

Is there a wall that you’re facing in your life right now?  Is so, how can I pray for you?

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  • Jason October 25, 2009  

    A lot of good stuff from Pete this morning. It was like someone had given me a buffet plate for an all you can eat spiritual meat fest.

    If I’m honest, I have to admit I’m so at a wall that I kind of ran into it like Timmy Turner in a Nick cartoon so that you can see my outline in it. I’m ashamed to admit that when Pete said that “God does not forget us and he’s not going to start with you” my first reaction was “well, He has to start somewhere.” How messed up is that?

    The hardest thing for me is not really surrendering my plans for His plans…I just don’t know what His plans are for me. It’s hard to give up plans for nothing but silence and waiting even if you know He will eventually have something.

  • brandiandboys October 25, 2009  

    i see i’m not the only one who thinks this sermon was packed full of great stuff!!! 🙂

  • kristiapplesauce October 26, 2009  

    I can’t wait to listen to this message! So, okay (vulnerability!? Yes please!) Daniel and I have been back and forth on this whole receiving love thing. Not him, but me actually. This has been a huge wall for me, since, for a long time…and for whatever reason it is surfacing again. So if you could please pray for this area in our lives/marriage…that would rock.

  • Jenni Catron October 26, 2009  

    @Jason – praying for you!

    @Brandi – yes, loaded!

    @Kristi- praying for you too, girl