I GET to Be a Part of This!

As many of you know it’s been a really busy few weeks around here at Cross Point.  Recently we announced our plans to launch our Bellevue Campus, a 5th campus and two Hope Centers within the next year as part of our Faith, Hope & Love series.


But I’ll be honest… there was a point a few weeks ago where it wasn’t so exciting.  I was up to my eyeballs in plans, deadlines, numbers and negotiations and I was exhausted.  I remember very vividly walking out to my car one morning to go to work and I just didn’t have the energy to keep moving.  It was everything I could do to head out that door rather than back to bed.  And then very clearly I felt like I heard God say:

“Jenni, you don’t HAVE to be a part of this.  You GET to be a part of this.”

I GET to be a part of this!

I GET to be a part of creating life changing environments where we are able to communicate the love of God to people who need it most.

I GET to be a part of creating amazing places for kids and students to worship and learn about God.

I GET to be a part of a place where marriages are healed, lives are transformed and hope is restored.

I don’t HAVE to.  I GET to!

That is what Faith, Hope & Love is all about.  It’s about GETTING to be a part of the story… God’s amazing story.  There have been seasons throughout Cross Point’s history where others have made the choice to “get to be a part” and by their sacrifice created a place where many of our stories of faith, hope and love have been written.  My challenge to you, is to consider how you can “get to be a part”.

What can you do to create an empty seat?

How can you contribute to our goal to raise $2.25 million?

How can you volunteer your time?

Will you commit to pray?

You’ll never know the life that may be influenced by your willingness to “get to be a part”!

Will you join us?


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  • Kevin October 27, 2009  

    Awesome post! And you do an amazing job at what you get to do!

  • kristiapplesauce October 27, 2009  

    Yes. I pray for Cross Point almost daily and it amazes me how we are all connected. God is incredible that way. I have no idea if we (me and all the fabulous peeps in Nashville) will ever meet “in real life” this side of heaven – but really, does it even matter?

  • Ryan Hartsock October 27, 2009  

    Moving…made me see the vision with remarkable clarity. I love how bold you guys are and how is God is using your boldness to do His work.

  • Chuck Dennie October 28, 2009  

    Great post! I am constantly blown away that God includes us in His redemptive work to humanity. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Nate Fisher-Shaffer October 28, 2009  

    Thanks Jenni for that reminder!!

  • kevinwlloyd October 29, 2009  

    That’s a great post Jenni. Thanks for the perspective. I needed that today.