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In Spite of Consequences by Pete Wilson

We’ve been talking about the step of faith that Joshua and the Israelites had to make in crossing the Jordan River.  The river didn’t part until they first took the risk to step into the water.  Here are the notes from Pete’s message today about the significance of that step of faith.

Joshua 3:5, 12-17

Faith is not believing in spite of evidence but obeying in spite of consequences.

Most people fail to consider the consequences of NOT taking a step of faith.

Most people fail to factor in the mediocrity that will creep into their life if they fail to take a leap of faith.

One of the reasons people don’t have purpose in their life is that they haven’t stepped out to take a leap of faith.

We find a cycle in the story of the Israelites that can parallel our own lives:

1st Cycle: Slavery > Deliverance > Testing > Unbelief > Slavery (and the cycle repeats)

Slavery = wandering with no purpose or significance

In this cycle, at the step of testing, you make a choice that results in unbelief.

If you want to see God’s faithfulness, you have to take the spiritual risk of obedience.  That risk of obedience breaks the first cycle and creates a new one that looks like this:

New cycle: Slavery > Deliverance > Testing > Belief > Promised Land (purpose)

What is your Jordan River?  Where in your life is God calling you to take a step of faith?  Where is God asking you to be obedient?  Everyone has some kind of barrier that is keeping you from the life God has for you.

Your Jordan will involve stepping out in fear and being obedient.

Miracles always follow obedience.

Some of you have been sitting on the banks of the river waiting for God to move.  It may feel safe & comfortable.  But the Jordan is where God moves.  God’s power is available for those who trust in Him.

What is your “Jordan”.  Where do you need to take a step leap of faith?

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  • gina November 15, 2009  

    this scripture is pivotal to me right now. i’m stepping into the river, waiting for the waters to part. scary but exciting all at the same time.

    the journey for the israelites only continues after they cross. they have no idea what lies ahead for them. only that they will have to rely on God in significant ways in order to receive the promise. look forward to hearing pete’s teaching. thanks for sharing

  • jan owen November 15, 2009  

    Well then, here i sit waiting on a miracle. i’ve crossed my jordan river……..and i wait with expectancy for all God has in store for me.

  • Jason November 16, 2009  

    I love that I can be half a world away and Pete can still stock my world with his lesson. Thank you for getting this up so quickly!

  • Jenni Catron November 16, 2009  

    @Gina, @Jan & @Jason – praying for your “Jordan”!!

  • Sarah November 18, 2009  

    Einstein once said that, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

    My Jordan River is my 10 step life plan to success and happiness. I am feeling called to step out in faith out of sync with that.