Sunday Highlights


It was an amazing day at all of our campuses today!

  • Worship was amazing
  • KidStuff wrapped up at the Nashville campus with a great celebration.
  • Dickson & North announced FX Live which will be launching in January.
  • North celebrated their very first baptism!
  • Nashville celebrated over 20 baptisms with many of those spontaneous decisions.
  • All three of our campuses observed communion together.

Truly moving!

Here are my notes from Pete’s message:

In Fear, Have Faith by Pete Wilson

Pete began his message recapping our history and vision which he shared in more detail a few weeks ago.

Romans 12:2 – do not conform to the patterns of this world

One of the major patterns of our world is “get, get, get”

But the people of Cross Point continue to “give, give, give”

In the last few weeks, Cross Point has given:

Through Faith, Hope & Love God has been teaching us the power of spiritual risk-taking and I believe He is still working on our hearts in this area.

Galatians 4:19 – the reason Pete got into ministry – to see Christ formed in people

My greatest fear for us is that we’re going to settle – to settle for a busy, distracted, mediocre, faithless life.

There is a life and a purpose that God has saved you to.  He didn’t just save you from something (hell), he saved you to a purpose.

My prayer is that we will continue to view our resources as tools to impact the kingdom.

Jesus taught more about money than heaven and hell combined.  Jesus didn’t want your money, he wanted what it represents – your heart.

What God has called us to do, has not changed.  Even more important, who God is, has not changed.

Matthew 26:26-30, 36-39

Yet not as I will, but as you will.

When Jesus made this statement, I think He was saying three things:

  • In fear, HAVE FAITH.
  • When tempted to control, LET GO.
  • When allured by comfort, choose SACRIFICE.

Where is God asking you to take a leap of faith?  I praying that you’ll jump!

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  • Jason November 22, 2009  

    It was undeniably a powerful day at CP.