Sunday Highlights – Lots & Lots of Kids

The Rhythm series continued this week with the subject of “Joy.”

And we experienced a lot of joy watching our kids help lead worship at all of our campuses!

They did such an amazing job!  Thank you to all the kids and their parents for being a part of the services today!


Here are my message notes for “Choose Joy” by Pete Wilson:

[Warning: Prepare to be challenged!]

Rhythm series question: Am I living a rhythm of life that restores God’s wonder in me?

Matthew 2:1-3, 7-12, 16

It’s God’s nature to want to be with us.  Emmanuel = God with us.

Matthew 6:19-21, 24

Everybody has treasures.  Everyone worships something.

Your treasures shape you.  You will become like your idol.

Psalm 115:4-8

If you treasure power, you’ll be shaped by arrogance and control.

If you treasure money, you’ll be shaped by greed.

If you treasure security, you’ll be shaped by fear.

If you treasure approval, you’ll be shaped by criticism and applause.

If you treasure stuff, you’ll be shaped by consumerism.

Consumerism is the equation of personal joy with consumption and the purchase of material possessions.

Christmas is the equation of personal joy with the presence and worship of Jesus Christ.

We take for granted the gift of life.  We take for granted the gift of God’s presence.

We take for granted the gift of joy.

Joy is not something that happens to you.  It’s something you choose.

Joy leaks out of your life the moment you cease to see life as a gift.

I choose joy because life is a gift!


There are so many statements from that message that have me thinking.  Joy leaks out of my life pretty easily.  I easily become captive to a myriad of distractions that cause me to forget that life is a gift.

How about you?  Are you choosing JOY this Christmas?

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  • JasonWert December 21, 2009  

    Pete's message has had my mind reeling all day. I was forced to really look at where I was placing my treasure and while it was close to God…it wasn't God.

    And the kids were just cute. 🙂

  • melody ruehling December 21, 2009  

    I sometimes forget that joy is a choice. I want to blame my lack of it on my circumstances (on busyness, on the problems at church, etc.), and I do take so much for granted. Thanks for the reminder that it is a choice.