What are You Measuring?

I measure everything… my performance, my weight, my caloric intake, the housework I’ve done or not done, how much I’ve read, how much I’ve given, etc, etc…

Measuring isn’t all bad, but I’ve discovered that I have a tendency to measure the wrong things.

I tend to measure what I don’t have more than what I do have.

  • I measure the friends I’ve lost more than the friends that I have.
  • I count the mistakes I’ve made much more than the things I’ve done well.
  • I measure the parties I’m not invited to more than the ones I’m a part of.
  • I envy the stuff I want more than the abundance that I’m blessed with.
  • I see the things I want to accomplish more than the things I’ve achieved.

Seriously, the list could go on and on.

There are elements of this tendency to measure that aren’t all bad.  Part of what makes me measure also drives me to accomplish the dreams, vision and direction God has on my life.  But, more often this need to measure drives me to unhealthy comparisons, unmet expectations and an attitude of entitlement.

It seems like the holidays always subliminally hold a tape measure for me.  How about you?

What do you measure in an unhealthy way?

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  • ronedmondson December 22, 2009  

    This is so true Jenni. Four years ago when we planted the church we lost friends. It's hard to believe to those outside the church world, but it's true. Church planting is controversial. One day I was in a pity party and said something to someone about "losing friends" and they looked at me and said "Yes, but look how many new friends you've gained." I needed that encouragement.

    Here's to a new year of looking at the right measurements…

  • Lindsey_Nobles December 22, 2009  

    With you. I love to measure what I want but don't have (things, friends, husband/kids) and what I have but don't want (shortcomings, fears, pounds).

  • JasonWert December 22, 2009  

    I'm the same. I always measure the things I don't have or the things I've lost because it seems that's a much greater amount than the things I have in life.

  • Kevin Bradford December 22, 2009  

    I tend to have a very unhealthy pattern of measuring churches. I focus on what they are doing wrong instead of focusing on what's been done well. With that, I tend to miss the life change that is happening right under my nose.

    • Jenni Catron December 22, 2009  

      @Kevin – that’s a great one… well, not “great”, but one that as church leaders is so easy to do!

  • Morgan Tomberlin December 23, 2009  

    Such a great reminder, Jenni. Seems like we measure pessimistically as a default. It'd be worth the exercise to train ourselves to measure with optimism, with God's light in each area of our life.

    I'd also have to second Kevin's comment. It's entirely too easy for me to judge ministry by where we're not succeeding or what we're not doing, instead of giving God glory for how he IS using our humble efforts to build HIS church.

    Great post!

    • Kevin Bradford December 23, 2009  

      right on morgan. why is it so hard to remember that it's HIM, not us?

  • brewster December 23, 2009  

    SLAP! Great post. I do the same thing. Perspective is crazy.