My Top 9 of 2009

I’ve spent the majority of this week planning for 2010 but before we make the big leap into a new decade, I thought I would reflect on some of the highlights of 2009.

Here are my Top 9 Highlights of 2009: (in no particular order)

Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage – Merlyn and I celebrated 10 years in February – crazy how fast that has gone!

Sponsoring my Compassion Child, Venka – this precious 4 year old has whittled her way into my heart in just a few months time.

Trip to England & Ireland – Merlyn and I spent 10 days in England and Ireland celebrating our 10th anniversary.  A once in a lifetime trip!

Leading Cross Point through the purchase of our first building – this year has been one of the busiest years for our church.  My leadership was stretched in so many ways including the milestone of purchasing our Bellevue Campus location.

The launch of Cultivate Her – launching a leadership forum for women has been a dream of mine for years.  I’m thankful for friends who pushed me to make it a reality.

Traveling with my sister – from road trips to Atlanta to our Christmas trip to NYC, we’ll conquer any city we set out for.

Speaking for The Nines Conference – it was a privilege to be included among the speakers for Leadership Network & Catalyst’s The Nines Conference.

Developing friendships old & new – the Golden Girls enjoyed several great times this year in spite of our incredibly busy lives and I was privileged to meet my new friend Lindsey.

Taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride – this was a “bucket list’ item that I was fortunate to do this year thanks to my friends at Drakes Creek Activity Center.

What was your biggest highlight of 2009?

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  • kat December 31, 2009  

    Well I'll include 9 as well:

    1) Hiring Douglas Q Hutchings into The Brown Book Agency

    2) Signing Audrey Assad and securing our relationships with CAA and Sparrow

    3) Seeing Matt Maher's album "Alive Again" get made & release as well as him being on the biggest tour we've ever been a part of

    4) Seeing Fundamental Elements start on a new project with Stephen Leiweke

    5) Seeing Margaret Becker participate in Veritas Conference, the first of (hopefully many) women's conferences with her, Sarah Hart, Audrey Assad (and me).

    6) Seeing my Mom secure her job as the Parks & Rec Director in St. Florian, AL

    7) Hiring a designer, website guru, manager, publicist and editor for The Daily Verse book (Volume I) slated to come out April 6, 2010

    8) Getting to be a part of Cultivate Her

    9) Seeing my sister happy in a relationship for the first time in a long time

    Holy cow…after seeing my list "out loud" it seems a lot went on in 2009 and yet I'm claiming 2010 to be the best year of my life yet. That's awesome! Thanks for posing the question, Catron, and making us think about the things we need to be so thankful for instead of being hard on ourselves about what we haven't done yet.

    • Douglas Q. January 16, 2010  

      I love when I google my name and see nice things like this. You Rock Kat =)

  • Lindsey_Nobles December 31, 2009  

    Awww….I loved getting to know you this year. It is unbelievable that we hardly knew each other this time last year.

  • kara-kae james December 31, 2009  

    Great highlights…looks like you had a wonderful year!

    I got knocked up 🙂 Will make for an amazing 2010!

  • bondChristian January 2, 2010  

    Excellent year.

    For me, I'd have to include at least two: 1) Riding back to Kentucky with my family from a trip to Michigan. I remember specifically stopping and realizing how thankful I was for the life God's given me. 2) Hiking part of the Appalachian trail with a group of guys. Quality guy time. 'Nuff said.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.