Sunday Highlights

My Prayer for You by Pete Wilson

Matthew 6:25-30

Three things that I am praying for you this year:

1) That you’ll have a great faith

I’m praying that there is one area of your life that you’ll step out and trust God in a big way.  That you’ll face something that completely terrifies you.

Our fears establish the limits of our life.  (If you fear failure, you just won’t try.  If you fear people, you’ll stay alone… etc.)

We have to combat our fears with faith.

Proverbs 3:5

Your problem isn’t fear, it’s a lack of faith.

Trust God for more this year.  Trust Him in a way you’ve never trusted him before.

2) That you’ll have greater purpose

We spend a majority of our time on things that just don’t matter.

If you don’t live like you believe your life is meant to change the world,  you’re missing the point of your salvation.

Acts 1:8

There is a big disconnect in the church between the hope of God and his purpose.

Missions is not a calling or program.  It’s the whole purpose of the church.

We want to learn more without applying anything.

If you want to see God, take his light to some dark places and see the hope of God at work.

Fight and push-back against the ego-driven, self-centered desires that control your life.

3) That you’ll have greater wisdom

Ecclesiastes 2:10-11


I’ll be praying for faith, purpose and wisdom for you too.

Is there something specific I can pray for you?

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  • JasonWert January 4, 2010  

    Pray that God will guide me to the ministry where He wants me to invest my time and effort and funds. I'm going to be fighting human trafficking…the question is where and with whom.

  • tam January 4, 2010  

    number 1 made me cry a bit. wow.

    you can pray that i will be more focused. i need that right now.

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  • missional girl January 4, 2010  

    Please pray for me that I have wisdom as I wrestle with church planting and how God wants that to manifest in my life.

    • Jenni Catron January 4, 2010  

      @Missional Girl – Wow! That’s a big calling… proud of you for being willing to take big risks for God. Definitely praying for you!

      • missional girl January 4, 2010  

        Jenni, thanks so much for your prayers AND thanks for allowing God to use you in your ministry both to your church and to your sisters in the faith!