Do Something!

If there is something wrong, those who have the ability to do something have a responsibility to do something.

I heard this quote a few weeks ago and immediately scribbled it down.  I can’t remember who said it, where they said it or what context it was in, but WHAT they said hit a nerve for me.

Isn’t it true that we have a tendency to always point out what’s wrong?  I’m such a critic!  I suppose that I get some satisfaction from noting imperfections because it makes me feel better about my ill attempts at being perfect.

And isn’t it so much more our nature to talk about what’s wrong rather than do something about what’s wrong?  As a culture, we have talk shows, media, water-cooler discussions, blogs, etc that give us an avenue to complain about the injustices we see, but what if we quit talking and just did something?

“If you have the ability to do something, you have the responsibility to do something.”

What do you see that’s “wrong”?

Maybe it’s poverty, clean water, politics, poor leadership, education, homelessness, an unruly child, you-fill-in-the-blank.

Each of us is drawn to seeing the “wrong” more strongly in one area or another.  That’s usually a good hint of what your God-given passion is.  Bill Hybels calls this your “Holy Discontent”.

What is it for you?

What is wrong that you have the ability to make right?  Take responsibility and do something!

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  • JasonWert January 13, 2010  

    Human trafficking. It repulses me on a level that almost makes me physically ill. I've been giving money and writing on my website about it to raise awareness & I've been trying to find groups to get more involved somehow. I know I can't help all the women trapped in this horror but I can help some of them.

    • Elaine January 13, 2010  

      This is an area that I'm finally stepping out in. It's been on my heart for a couple years, but I haven't had the courage to do much about it until now. I made a resolution this year to find a way to actively volunteer (not just give money – not that there's anything wrong with giving money) in an organization that helps human trafficking victims. I got a couple leads and I'm following up with the Home Foundation. I'm excited at the prospect of really being able to make a difference in an area that defines the phrase Holy Discontent for me.

      • jcatron January 13, 2010  

        That's awesome Elaine! I'm a big fan of the Home Foundation. Proud of you for stepping out! Keep us posted.

      • Rc Arseneau February 3, 2010  

        Jenni's blog is resonating with me big time. I have been on this same journey over the last couple of years. I have just started a non-profit for this purpose. It's good to know others are getting moved to actually DO SOMETHING as well. You can check out our site if you like:

        God Bless your pursuit.

        Rc Arseneau

    • jcatron January 13, 2010  

      Jason, I appreciate your passion for this issue.

  • Trish Davis January 13, 2010  

    Jenni – good post to meditate on… I think for me I try to do to many things rather than focus on the things that matter or that God has called me to do! Sometimes its just a flat out disbelief that I CAN make a difference or even worse pure laziness if I'm really honest. I don't know who said it but I love the quote "If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time" My goal is this year is to plan to aim and get going!

    • jcatron January 13, 2010  

      Good point on focus, Trish. I do think we can also get overwhelmed trying to do everything. God has really challenged me to understand how I'm wired – what I'm passionate about – and to focus on that.

  • Elizabeth January 13, 2010  

    As soon as I saw this I thought, "Hey, that's in the Bible!" I had to memorize this verse as a child and it has guided my heart to action many times. James 4:17 | "Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, sins."

  • Becky January 13, 2010  

    I can be a huge critic at times myself! 🙁 This post is causing me to think about some things I need to take action on. 🙂

    • jcatron January 13, 2010  

      Right there with you Becky!

  • bondChristian January 13, 2010  

    Yes, the Declaration of Independence says something extremely similar to that quote. That might have been the original inspiration behind it. Then again, it's also pretty close to the Uncle Ben quote, "With great power comes great responsibility."

    Excellent post – thank you for bringing it up. The responsibility is ours. Now take it. :>)

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

    • jcatron January 13, 2010  

      That's it! You helped me remember where I heard this. I was watching the movie "National Treasure" over Christmas break and I'm sure that's where I heard it. 🙂

  • Jan Owen January 14, 2010  

    Jenni, what do you do when you see something wrong, try to do something about it, offer solutions, offer to carry them out, and it's refused, and no one ever does anything? Sometimes the problems I've encountered have not been within my power to affect change upon – at least totally. And oftentimes I felt like I was the only one who saw the problem. So that was frustrating. Well don't mean to be a downer, I just wonder if sometimes things are outside our area……..

  • pete wilson January 15, 2010  

    I find that my "expectations" of others often get in the way of me doing what I should do. My unspoken "expectations" lead me to criticize others for not doing instead of me just jumping in and doing what I need to do.

    Great post and reminder Jenni.