Fighting for Hope

Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Proverbs 13:12

I’ve been quiet the last few days since the tragedy in Haiti.  Not because I’m not interested.  Not because my heart doesn’t hurt.  Not because I don’t care.

Because my heart is sick.

Because I’m personally fighting for hope.

I’m fighting for hope for myself so that I can get involved and “do something!”

And I’m fighting for hope for every Haitian who so desperately needs it.  I’m fighting for hope for the person in the States who can’t get a hold of their loved ones in Haiti.  I’m fighting for hope for the child wandering aimlessly through the streets looking for their mom.  I’m fighting for hope for the ones who are angry and pillaging.  I’m fighting for hope for a government that needs to lead without corruption.  I’m fighting for hope for the agencies and organizations who are trying to figure out where to begin in their relief efforts.

Will you fight for hope with me?

There are a lot of great organizations to support who are already doing great work to bring hope to Haiti.  I’m personally a big fan of Compassion International.  If you are still looking for a place to give, I would encourage you to check out Compassion.

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  • missional girl January 16, 2010  

    Done. Thanks so much for the Compassion link. I have loved their ministry since my college days.