Sunday Highlights

Pursuing Financial Wisdom by Pete Wilson

People who don’t have wisdom usually don’t know they don’t have it.


  • Reminds us that sin is stupid.
  • Gives us a vision of the good life.

3 Questions to Ponder About Your Money:

1) Do you see your money as a tool to bless others?

Proverbs 14:31

Proverbs 11:24-25

1 Chronicles 29:10-16

Are we honoring God with everything we’ve been blessed with?

Proverbs 3:9

2) Do you find your identity in your money?

Proverbs 10:7

We are playing dress up with our money.  We’re buying stuff we don’t need to get stuff we don’t have to impress people we don’t even like.

Proverbs 22:7

Proverbs 25:28

By not exercising control, you’re giving control to the enemy.  You are becoming a slave.

Being in debt affects your ability to give.

“You can’t give to people in need because you bought stuff you don’t need.”  Andy Stanley

3) Do you find your safety in your money?

Proverbs 18:10-11

We can be responsible with our money and still define our safety by our money rather than by God.

How much is enough?

“Enough will never be enough unless you determine how much is enough.”  Mark Batterson

Rather than your life being about how much money you can make, make it about how much money you can give?

Set giving goals rather than getting goals.

Proverbs 10:3

Our money issues always come back to trust issues.

These questions will reveal who or what you actually trust in your life.

Which question do you wrestle with the most?

I’ll go first… for me it’s #3.  I tend to find safety in having money.  I’m really taking Pete’s challenge to heart to determine how much is enough and to set giving goals rather than getting goals.

Ok, your turn!

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  • Lindsey Nobles January 18, 2010  

    Loved the message today. The 3 thing is huge for me too. I definitely want to take on Pete's challenge to invite someone into my finances and help me determine how much is ENOUGH, etc. Margaret and I talked about maybe having this be something we do together in our small group?

  • Kelli January 19, 2010  

    Im so glad you shared these nuggets from the message. I definitely struggle with #3. When our money is low, so is my confidence. I look forward to catching one of your services online one of these sundays.