Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Proverbs 22:7

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

Just this week I was working with our bank and found myself so frustrated by all their demands.  I was thinking, “We’ve been their customer for many years, why is it so difficult to get their help when we need it?, “As long as we’re giving them money they love us, once we ask for help, we get scrutinized like crazy.”,  “Why don’t they trust us?”, etc.

And of course God brings this verse front and center for me.  I actually quoted it out loud a few times in my frustration.

It’s just practical wisdom – the borrower is servant to the leader. Period.

I remember when my husband and I first got married.  Each of us had foolishly racked up some credit card debt in college, so when we combined all of our finances we realized we had some problems….

I’m hosting the discussion for Proverbs 22 over at the 31 Day Challenge blog.  Hop on over to hear the rest of the story…

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  • Paula L January 22, 2010  

    As a mortgage officer, it is frustrating for us when we have to go to the customer over and over. I personally liked the old days when you could help the customer just because of your relationship and their integrity. So sorry to hear your frustration as well!

  • JasonWert January 22, 2010  

    This is the verse that jumped out at me today. Great thoughts on your 31Days blog, Jenni.