Being Hope

Today we headed back to the Kalpur Slum to spend another day with the children and their families.  Once again they showered us with greetings and smiles… and this beautiful flower.

I have to admit I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by all the attention.  They are eager for you to look them in the eye, shake their hand or say their name.

I find myself wrestling with the tension of the attention.

I am no hero, celebrity or savior.  I’m just one spoiled American who flies in on a fancy plane and leaves before it gets too difficult.

But, it’s not who I am.

It’s what I represent.

… And what I represent is HOPE.

Hope for an education, a hot meal, a chance to learn the arts.  Hope for clean water, a steady job, a home that is their own.

From the children, to their parents, to the teachers and leaders at the school, our presence gives them renewed hope.  They know that other people care for them and are praying for them from thousands of miles away.  They know that a church in Nashville, TN is financially contributing to this project each month making their hope possible.

You know what?  Being “hope” didn’t cost me much today, but being “hope” inspired these families in an immeasurable way!

Here’s a quick clip from our craft project today.  Most of these kids have never done anything like this.

Can you see the hope in their eyes?


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  • Becky February 5, 2010  

    I can see it in their eyes! Beautiful!

  • Eve Annunziato February 5, 2010  

    How beautiful are these kids, I mean really!!! Thanks for sharing their sweet smiles with me this morning, Jenni. It was also great to hear your sweet encouraging voice – I bet it's music to their ears. I'm so proud of you, Jenni.

    Thank God for hope. It has been a joy learning more about your amazing journey about these precious children of God. I can't wait to read more from you guys tomorrow…

    • jcatron February 6, 2010  

      Thanks for following our journey Eve. We wouldn't be here without out – literally! (Visa delivery family) 🙂

  • bondChristian February 5, 2010  

    "Being 'hope' didn’t cost me much today, but being “hope” inspired these families in an immeasurable way!"

    Thank you for that. I don't often pay attention to being anyone's hope. I don't think I really understand how to pull it off. It's something I need to work on.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

    • jcatron February 6, 2010  

      @bondChristian – this was the first time this occurred to me this way. That just my presence can bring hope. It changed my whole attitude and perspective.

  • Lindsey_Nobles February 5, 2010  

    I really wish you taken me with you! Next time…

    Beautifully captured thoughts…

    • jcatron February 6, 2010  

      I really wish you were here Lindsey! Next trip we go together!!

  • Jennie Allen February 5, 2010  

    So beautiful!!!
    Found this via twitter! Oh so dear!

    • jcatron February 6, 2010  

      So glad you found us! Thanks for chiming in!

  • lisa gardiner February 6, 2010  

    This one got me crying. How beautiful are these children. I am so proud of you ,and our Church for being Jesus in skin !