Sunday Highlights – Your Turn

Since I’m still in India and unable to hear Blake‘s message today for the Pursuit series, I would love for you guys to give me Cross Point‘s Sunday highlights!

Please leave your notes/comments/thoughts from today’s message in the comments section!

And just so you don’t think I’m taking the easy way out.  Here are our Sunday highlights India style:

  • Both Ryan & Pete have been sick.  I’m really afraid of getting it, whatever “it” is.
  • Pete preached at an Anglican church this morning, complete with robe and sash.  Pastor Tom would have been proud.
  • We had KFC for lunch and I devoured every one of my french fries
  • I haven’t had a proper cup of tea since I left home… this is very troubling
  • We had to spend the majority of our day at the hotel because there is a huge political rally in Kolkata today – literally milions of people being bussed in for the event and the roads are at a standstill
  • I spent some time working on my blog today.  Check out my new “book of the month” and “currently reading” widgets in the sidebar.  I’m pretty proud of myself for figuring that out. 🙂
  • Pete & Ryan are planning to be up at 5:30 in the morning to watch the Superbowl (we’re 11 1/2 hours ahead of Nashville time)
  • I miss Merlyn, Mick, my sister and all of you!

We’ll be home Tuesday evening.  Keep us in your prayers!

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  • Eve Annunziato February 7, 2010  

    So sorry the boys have been sick. Praying them up and you, too.

    Blog looks GREAT by the way!

    How about FX highlights: It was a blast this a.m. And, the kids seemed to have so much fun learning God's word and worshiping while doing some end-zone moves, dancing, singing and even some, "Pants On The Ground!" You'll just need to watch the video! The more than 170 volunteers on all three campuses worked really hard and kicked tail! So proud of these guys!

    Missing ya!!

    • jcatron February 7, 2010  

      Awesome FX update Eve! I hate that I missed it. Can't wait to see some of the video.

      Thanks for your prayers. Miss you all and will see you soon!

  • Jason February 7, 2010  

    These are things I took away from Blake’s sermon:

    People put spin on obvious truth to fit their own convictions.

    Regardless of our own opinion, truth is truth.

    Truth looks reality in the eyes and welcomes the process of wisdom.

    A lot of us don’t embrace the process of seeking wisdom.

    Satan’s greatest work is to get us pursuing things that are just a little bit off. You need to truthfully look at yourself.

    Truth is not a what…it’s a who.

    • jcatron February 8, 2010  

      Jason – awesome, thanks for the summary!

  • Lindsey_Nobles February 8, 2010  

    Look at you with the fancy slider….Blog envy setting in 😉

    Still processing this AM's message. Blake did a great job. And the worship team with rock star Trisha Davis sang Inside Out which made me think of you.

    See you soon!

    • jcatron February 8, 2010  

      Lindsey – I thought you would be proud of my blog improvements. 🙂 That's what happens when I'm stuck in a hotel and can't sleep.

  • Kevin February 8, 2010  

    Blake did a great job yesterday…..One of the things that stuck with me was "what you BELIEVE determines how you BEHAVE."
    He also shared some practical examples of how we deal daily with Truth, Reality & Wisdom. Truth: I want to have a deeper, more healthy relationship with my wife. Reality: After working all day, I go home, play with the kids, eat her fantastic dinner, check email, watch tv, then crash and fall asleep. Not putting much effort into developing that relationship. Wisdom says, turn off tv, save emails for tomorrow, spend quality time with her after kiddos go to bed!
    If I do not believe that I must continue to work hard in this area of my life, then my behavior will show it!
    Looking forward to seeing you guys when you get back. Happy Travels. Get some rest when you get back!